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Annoying Things Every Parent Does

“Let’s be honest and true to ourselves. As parents, we could be annoying at times even if we don’t mean it. We all have a certain way of doing things and we believe that it’s the best and we’re doing it right. Though, truth be told, some of the things that parents do could actually be annoying to some, mainly because they don’t really understand it or never experienced something like that before. Here are some of the annoying things most parents are guilty of doing.

Baby Spam

Are you familiar with the phrase, baby spam?Well, its a telltale sign of new parents. Most people consider this as a little bit obnoxious, especially to those who are non-parent. Likewise, there are those mommies who swore that they’ll never be like that, but after having their first kid, they’ve totally changed and transformed into a baby spammer. We get it; you’re very proud of your bundle of joy, but don’t you think taking a million photos of your sleeping baby with the same exact expression isn’t adorable, but plainly annoying?

Talk about Their Kids Nonstop

This is especially true for mommies who have gone from working full-time to being a full-time mom. Before kids, these women used to talk about their respective jobs and hobbies, but now? The kids become their main priority in life. This little angel turned into their jobs and hobbies. So, it makes sense why these mommies love to talk about them even more. It could be annoying to some, but they should also know that this is just a phase or the opinions . It’ll eventually wear off and they’ll start talking about topics that aren’t related to potty training, breastfeeding, and sleep training.

Too Much Information on Social Media

Wanna vent about getting baby barf on your favorite sweater? Or perhaps, another diaper explosion? What better place to throw those grievances than via social media, right mommies? Well, honestly, it’s not really the best place to share those events, but most moms do it anyway. Thankfully, some husbands are there to keep their wives in check, every time they get the urge of posting this kind of information in public.

You Won’t Understand until You Have Kids

Most parents are guilty of saying this line to non-parents. Sure, these people are childless, but there’s also a huge possibility that they’ve taken care of their nephews, nieces, and other kids. It’s not like they live in a rock and are totally clueless about how to care for a child.

Though, truth be told? After being a parent, these people would begin to realize that this phrase is totally true. Knowing a lot about kids and having your own is not the same. It’s an annoying phrase, but it’s true.

Express How Tired They Are

If you ask mommies how they’re doing, the first answer you’re going to get is Upon hearing this, you’ll start to wonder how a person could possibly be that tired, it’s just ridiculous. Though, once you become a parent, you’ll totally understand how and why. It’s true. It’s a parent thing that only parents could relate to.”

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