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Andrew Shingange – Brother of Trevor Noah’s 

Andrew Shingange is a celebrity sibling from South Africa. He is best known for his brother Trevor Noah, an actor, comedian, writer, and producer.

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Like his brother Isaac Shingange, Andrew Shungange is the also famous because of his brother Trevor Noah. Andrew Shingange is the son of Mama Patrica and Abel Shingange. His father was, Abel Shingange was abusive to his mother, so her mother decided to get a divorce from him.

Andrew Shingange’s birth name is Johannesburg, and no other information available on the internet. The only information we got from sources is he and his brother Issac Shingange attended school in his hometown.

His relationship status is unknown but his brother Issac has told his fan about his personal relationship. he is married and have children.

1Full NameAndrew Shingange
2First NameAndrew
3Last NameShingange
4ProfessionCelebrity Siblings
5Birth CityJohannesburg
6Birth CountrySouth Africa
7Father NameRobert Noah
8Mother NamePatricia Nombuyiselo
9Gender IdentityMale
10Sexual OrientationStraight
11SiblingsTrevor Noah and Isaac Shingange
12Net worth$40 million

Net worth of Andrew Shingange

Noah received both an MTV Music Award and a Primetime Emmy Award. In addition, he was named one of New York’s 35 Most Powerful People.

Similarly, Times Magazine named him one of the “World’s Hundred Most Influential People.”

Andrew Shingange’s Personal Life and Career

He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. His mother’s name is Patricia Noah, and his father’s name is Abel Shingange. They married in 1992 but divorced four years later in 1996. He used to abuse her, which caused their marriage to end in divorce. Andrew’s ancestry is Swiss-Xhosa, and he has a brother and Isaac (younger). Trevor, his stepbrother, is older than him. The details are hidden, according to his academics.

Andrew Shingange’s lite work needs to be specified. First, he is well-known in the media because of his brother, an actor/comedian.

Andrew Shingange Family & Relationship

Yes, Andrew is married and lives in his hometown of Jo’Berg, Gauteng, with his wife. We don’t know much about his wife, but we do know they are happily married.Because he is not constantly in the news and tabloids, most of his life has remained private. Except for the fact that they do not currently have children, little is known about his family.

On the other hand, his brother Trevor is a celebrity, and most of the details of his life are public. He is currently dating actress Minka Kelly. Throughout her career, she has appeared in some successful films.

Isaac has avoided public debate and has adopted Andrew’s anonymity. Many people believe he also resides in South Africa. There is no information available regarding his relationships or family affairs.

Rumours about Andrew Shingange

This celebrity brother keeps himself out of scandals and rumours. However, the news of her mother being shot by his father was the media’s focus. When Abel shot his mother in 2009, she married her third husband, Sfiso Khoza. The bullet entered her nose from behind her head.

Fortunately, the bullet missed her brain and arteries. Andrew broke the terrible news to Trevor, and she was rushed to the hospital. In terms of punishment, Abel was charged with attempted murder in 2011 and was sentenced to three years of probation in 2012.


Andrew Shingange received both an MTV Music Award and a Primetime Emmy Award. In addition, he was named one of New York’s 35 Most Powerful People. Similarly, Times Magazine named him one of the “World’s Hundred Most Influential People.”

Who are the brothers of Trevor Noah?

Andrew Shingange & Isaac Shingange are the brothers of Trevor Noah.

Who is the Father of Trevor Noah?

Robert Noah is the father of Trevor Noah.

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