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A man’s guide to looking polished

Looking polished isn’t just for formal occasions, your outfits can appear polished even when they’re casual. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing your outfit looks on-point, and that soon enough, people will be envious of your style. Dressing to impress doesn’t need to be difficult. It also doesn’t necessarily mean to “wear a suit” for that matter, unless that’s your thing of course! In light of this, it’s time to roll out of bed and concoct some amazing outfits. Let us guide you on how to look polished all the time!

Keep colours to a minimum

It’s easy to want to wear more trend-led tones that may be bright or even loud. However, if you want a polished wardrobe, you can’t neglect the basics. Timeless tones such as black, white, beige, khaki and camel will make your outfit sophisticated. We also recommend only wearing two colours per outfit – any more than 3 and your outfit  may seem disorganised.

Find your fit

Fit is key when you want to look polished. Finding a fit in t-shirts, jeans and tailoring that will compliment your body is important – extremely oversized tees may be on-trend right now, but are they flattering in every case? Are they even practical? You need to get to know your body shape and then it’s a case of trial and error – see what fits your body well, all while flattering it.

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If upgrading your wardrobe seems like a new concept, then you may forget an important part – the accessories! Wear jewellery to add a rock’n’roll vibe to your outfits, with chunky rings and layering chains. Alternatively, you can also opt for a man bag – we all can picture Joey from Friends wearing his in the 90s, but nowadays, no one will laugh at you! A man bag is a perfect way to finish your outfits. There are some edgy crossbody bags out there that will look incredible with your looks. A vintage look with a contemporary twist.

Clean out your closet

Another way of ensuring that your wardrobe is 100% polished is by clearing it out. Sometimes, you just need to know when to let go! Those old t-shirts that haven’t seen the light of day in months are probably looking a little old and tired – it’s time to get rid of them. Clear out all those pieces you thought you might wear “some time” and invest in quality pieces that you’re totally satisfied with, and work together.

Invest in shoes

Once you’ve cleared your closet, you also need to go through your shoe collection. Get rid of those dirty, worn-out trainers, and swap them for new, shiny shoes – and we’re not just talking trainers.

Ditch logos

Sure, we all jumped on the Logomania trend at one time or another, but if you want to look polished, covering yourself in logos isn’t the way to do it! If you want to elevate your outfits, then opt for prints over logos, that risk cheapening your outfit. That way, you still have a bold touch within your outfit, all the while looking sophisticated.

Quality over quantity

To master a polished wardrobe, the last important rule is to prioritise quality over quantity. Invest in quality fabrics and have fewer pieces rather than go on a splurge and end up having a wardrobe that’s worn out after a few wears. Quality fabrics are durable. They will stand the tests of time,  so it’s better to have one good shirt rather than three lower-quality ones. Though you may be spending more, when you calculate the cost per wear, you’ll get your money’s worth!

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