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A Housework Schedule That You Can Manage

“Keeping your house in a nice and tidy condition can be tough, especially if you have a busy job or children who seem to constantly mess it up. There are ways that you can keep your house relatively clean all the time, without feeling like housework is all that you do.

Clean as you go along

People who have messy houses are usually those who let things build up, without tackling the issue in the lifestyle. The main key to having a clean house is to tidy up after yourself throughout your day to day life. You make yourself a sandwich for example, after you have finished put everything back where they came from and wipe the surface. This small task literally takes a minute or so. The same applies for if you are having a shower, instead of throwing your used clothes on the floor put them in your washing basket immediately. If you have a spare 5 minutes throughout your day, do the dishes or load the washing machine. By making small changes to the way that you do things, you will notice a big difference.

Make lists

The next thing that you need to do is to make yourself a list or schedule of things that need to be done around the home. Hang this list somewhere that you can see it so that you do not forget your daily jobs. Due to the fact that you are keeping the house tidy by following the previous step, there will not be that much that needs to be done. The types of jobs that will be on this list will be, hoover the downstairs, mop the kitchen, sort out clutter. You can do as little as one job a day but you will still have a clean house because soon a system will form that you are happy with. Do a deep clean, around every month where you can really make a day of it.

Other tips for making cleaning easier:

  • Cleaning can be a little boring and it can often be hard to have the motivation to do it. Here are a few tips that can make cleaning more fun, which makes it more likely that you can manage your schedule.
  •   Get the kids involved in cleaning, no matter what their ages are. Make it a game and you will never see them move so fast with some awesome results for you.
  •  Put on some music and dance around as you clean, this can be really fun but still gets the job done.
  • In addition to cleaning, rearrange your furniture. A new layout in your home can be really motivating and will make you want to continue doing as well as you are with your cleaning schedule.

Housework is something that is not always something that gets done when it should but by doing it gradually and setting up a schedule, you can do it well. Do the big jobs, by doing a little every day. Soon you will have a spotless home and will look like a domestic goddess to the outside world.”

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