Friday, March 24, 2023

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A Beginner’s Guide to Planting Trees That Help the Planet

Trees are one of mother nature’s most critical creations. They play a key role in all ecosystems on the planet and are one of our best tools for offsetting carbon emissions.

The more trees, the better, and that’s where you can help. Below, read everything you need to know about how you can support healthy trees globally and in your community.

Find the right tree

Planting or cultivating a tree or trees of your own is a fantastic way to contribute. Potted or bare roots fruit trees are a terrific option for home gardeners. Potted trees often need only fertilizer or new soil, and the bare roots of fruit trees can go directly into the ground.

Enjoying the fruit from your tree is the reward for taking good care of it. Although it may take a few seasons for fruit, it will be worth the wait.

Get to know your tree

Part of finding the right tree is ensuring you can provide it with what it needs to thrive. The first thing to consider is climate. Find out which USDA hardiness zone you live in, and research which trees grow best there. 

Be sure you understand what kind of soil your tree needs. You may need to test your soil pH to see what will grow. Observe sections of your yard so you know where the sun shines brightest and longest. You can also use this knowledge to plant a garden.

To plant your tree, use a shovel to dig a hole about two or three times the size of the tree’s root ball. Put the tree roots into the hole, and fill in fresh soil. Attach tree stakes to the branches using weather-proof zip-ties. Water according to the tree’s needs, and follow up with fertilizer at the appropriate times of the year.

Change your other habits

There are other ways you can help keep the earth’s trees healthy. One thing that many people overlook is invasive species. Be mindful not to introduce invasive species to your community.

Even though paper products come from trees, they’re healthier for the earth than synthetics and plastics. Always choose biodegradable materials when possible. Also, choosing all-natural, “green” products help keep the water and air clean, which are both essential for healthy trees.

Before you go

Many people get discouraged when they hear ideas that seem significant, like planting trees. If you imagine yourself repopulating a forest, it can be overwhelming.

The trick is to do what you can, where you are. If you live in a city, explore smaller plants, rooftop and balcony gardens, and other forms of urban gardening. Join a tree-planting event, or donate to an earth-friendly cause. 

Another important thing you can do to help the planet is to tell others what you’ve learned about planting trees. Healthy trees are one of the best ways to fight the climate crisis and offset carbon emissions. Encourage others to follow your lead by planting trees, too.

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