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9 Ways to Use Cargo Trailers

Regardless of how you use it, one of the most practical of tools is a cargo trailer. There is nothing like an enclosed cargo trailer for practical, and their uses are practically endless. But here are some of the very best ways to use an enclosed cargo trailer.

#1. Transporting animals 

Although horse trailers did not become particularly practical till the early 1950s, but for hundreds of years, people have transported animals via vanning (horses pulling modified horse trailers containing the horses they desired to be moved,) by sea and by rail.

Nowadays, no horse owner worth their salt will not own at least one cargo trailer to move their coveted horses to horse shows, and many horse owners actually own several.

People also transport cattle with a cargo trailer as well, but the use of cargo trailers to transport prize horses is ubiquitous.

#2. A mobile shop 

Whether it be for a mobile repair shop, a locksmith, an HVAC repair shop or more, when it comes to storing all the necessary tools for the job and bringing the necessary spare parts, a cargo van is often not big enough.

By purchasing a cargo trailer from a quality enclosed trailer company such as  Renown Cargo Trailers  you can bring your shop with you any place you can tow your cargo trailer. 

#3. Professional landscaping 

Professional landscapers love enclosed cargo trailers. They can load a cargo trailer chock full of lawnmowers, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, leaf blowers, and a ton of grass seed, fertilizer, extra-long hoses, and more.

Cargo trailers, with their aluminum beds, are very easy to clean, and valuable equipment are protected from the elements during transport. 

#4. As a hobby space and as an extra storage unit 

Renting storage units is big business. There are upwards of 50,000 storage units in the US, and the average price of a storage unit is roughly $110 a month.

The reason for renting storage units is that people often have valuables but not enough space.

But there are drawbacks to renting storage space beside the cost. Often they are located in out-of-the-way locations that require driving across town, and some of them have inconvenient hours.

If you have a garage full of cars and vehicles, you often may need extra storage space, and one way to have those items you wish to store immediately at hand is to buy a cargo trailer instead and park it on your property.

Particularly if you have a part-time or full-time business selling goods online, buying a cargo trailer is often the ideal solution to storing goods until it’s time to send them out in the mail.

#5. Live in them 

This may come as a shock to many, but literally, thousands of people buy a cargo trailer, make modifications to it, and then live in them.

Just go on Pinterest or YouTube and you will find plenty of examples of people who transformed an enclosed cargo trailer into a tow-along recreational vehicle.

For roughly $5,000, plus the cost of modifications, it’s extremely plausible to transform an aluminum cargo trailer into a nifty living space.

The main idea behind transferring a travel trailer into a living space is the cost.

Just about the cheapest 16-foot travel trailer will cost around $12,000. Whereas, a 7 x 16 trailer new, can be obtained for around $7,000. and if you buy used, you may cut that cost in half. 

Add windows, a solar panel on top, a portable shower, and electrical outlets, and you can probably make a pretty slick travel home for around $5,000 or so.

Some people convert a cargo trailer into a portable guest extension of their house, which. if the trailer is connected to the electricity in the house, can make their cargo trailer bedroom infinitely practical for situations where the family has outgrown the home, or, in the case of young adults going to college perhaps, they would rather have the privacy of their own exterior bedroom without paying hundreds of dollars a month in rent.

For examples of how a cargo trailer can be turned into a fantastic bedroom, look no further than YouTube

This gentleman converted a cargo trailer into a fantastic sleeping space with all of the amenities including solar-powered cooking utilities, tons of storage, heating, a portable shower, and more. 

If you have a desire to live an easy travel life, particularly if you are retired, a converted cargo trailer is most definitely the way to go. 

There is an increasing trend to live in small, tiny homes, but many of them still cost up to $30,000 or more.

Compare that to the cost of a converted cargo trailer and a converted cargo trailer begins to look darn attractive. 

#6. Moving vehicles 

There are two commercial ways to move a vehicle. Either have it picked up in an open carrier truck that is transporting other vehicles or have it picked up in an enclosed truck.

Either way, it can cost as much as $1,400 to move a vehicle by an open carrier, and up to 40 percent more if it is an enclosed truck. There is also an option to hire moving companies like MoveDay Movers in Dallas to ensure the safety of your belongings.

There are plenty of moving companies ready to move your classic car, but supposing that you own a tricked-out 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 or a 1953 Corvette Roadster in mint condition.

People who own vintage cars (or for that matter, vintage motorcycles,) often travel to 5 to 8 car shows a year, and they would much rather trust the transport of their high-value vehicle under their own control.

To save that classic paint job and avoid nicks and scratches, they buy their own cargo trailer and carefully tether their vehicle safely inside for transport. 

#7. Recreational equipment and camping 

If you often travel 100 miles or more to get to your favorite dirtbike trails, or you are a family that loves jet skis or snowmobiles to the point where you own three or four, then a cargo trailer is absolutely essential.

The same goes with camping. Any old trailer will do if you are just going a few miles, but if you are packing up kayaks, tents, fire pits, sleeping bags, fishing gear, coolers, electrical generators, and the like for a 10-day camping trip, then a cargo trailer is ideal. 

#8. Portable food truck 

A cargo trailer is ideal to convert into a portable food truck. And whether it’s for a full-time business, offering your food services to workers who need a break during their limited lunch or break hours, to a part-time food truck that you haul to baseball and football games, a converted cargo trailer is the way to go.

Custom-made food trucks are very expensive, costing up to $75,000 or more, and even used ones will go for $40,000.

Instead, spend around $6,000 new and as little as $3,000 used for a cargo trailer, and add pop-up window openings, cooking units, propane power for the utilities, and a few lights and you are in business.

Of course, in most locales, you’ll spend between $500 and $1,00 dollars on permits, but whether you operate a taco stand, an Hawaiian Ice Stand, a portable ice cream truck or a hot dog stand, you’ll save big money at the start by purchasing a cargo trailer.

Just be aware that in some cities, or in some locations, your cargo trailer may have to be moved daily as in the case of a snack stand at the city’s baseball park, or it can be a more permanent facility.

Obviously, not having to move your stand is much easier but it’s not often possible to find a permanent location that is affordable.

As a consequence, be sure that the wheels and axle of your cargo trailer are in good shape in the event you decide to purchase used. 

#9. Operating a mobile business 

Many people decide to set up a mobile business and they rent space in high-traffic areas such as near grocery stores or shopping malls.

Junk removal, gutter cleaning, plant care, tax return services, and the like can be operated from a cargo trailer with little more to be added than air conditioning and lighting. 

Yes, you will still need a license, and yes, more than likely you will pay a fee for the space you use, but operating a mobile business is a business with very limited outlay required. 

Add a large decal on the outside of your cargo trailer and you are in business.

End Of Article 

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