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9 Bad Ass Home Décor You Will Love

Home decor helps to create Living spaces that are more aesthetically pleasing and appealing to the human eye. We can readily imagine designing and embellishing our homes. We all have a vision of our ideal home, but it can be challenging to make this image a reality.

For all anime lovers out there, anime decor is a necessity. We enjoy using items from Japanese manga culture to design our spaces since it helps them reflect our interests.

The definitive guide on furnishing your home with a wide variety of Japanese pop culture items and making it feel like heaven is found below.

1. Neon Lights

You can use neon lights for practically any occasion since they are adaptable. However, we think they make for the best anime party decorations. Your party will succeed if you use neon lights to create the right atmosphere. You can create several shapes and symbols associated with your preferred anime. If you’re a fan of katana swords, you might, for instance, bend these neon lights into the shape of their crest and put them on your wall.

2. Wall Decal

Another intriguing anime design concept you might attempt is a wall decal. The problem with wall decals is that few people know them. Consequently, it provides the ideal opportunity to acquire something distinctive for your home. Similar to a sticker, a wall decal is something you may apply to your wall to beautify it. Therefore, if you’re considering changing something about your living space, you should start with a wall decal, either you decal your favorite anime character or any of your famous katana sword. They give your home that extra touch and give it a dynamic appearance.

3. Manga Books

Manga books are included in the category of bedroom anime décor. It’s much more fun to hold a manga book in your hands than to read the weekly chapters while staring at your phone. Manga books can also be placed on a bookshelf to decorate your room. You can arrange them based on the serial numbers on their colorful covers. Therefore, buying manga books helps the author while also expanding your library.

4. Plush Toys

You can nearly put them everywhere in your home because they are so soft. They will also fit into any space, from the desk to the shelves. Additionally, you can put them on your bed and spend the night with them. Plush toys can be given as gifts, which is another fascinating feature. Furthermore, they don’t occupy much room and don’t make it appear empty.

5. Anime Weapon Display

Knives, swords, katanas, keyblades, and other anime weapons should all be displayed on the wall of an anime room. Gather your favourite hero’s weapons of choice, usually a katana sword then practise facing off against your rivals in front of the mirror. This will depict your love for your favourite character.

6. Anime Night Light Led Lamp

One of the most beautiful and eye-catching types of anime home décor is the anime night light led lamp. Numerous colors are available for LED lights. As a result, you can choose any light color of your choice and watch it fill the space.

7. Fashion Pieces on The Wall

If you are an avid anime lover having statement anime fashion pieces on the wall is a must. Not only it’s very innovative, but it can redefine the whole aesthetics and vibe of your room. You can buy merchandise from your favourite anime show and hang them on your wall to catch your guests off guard. Besides, you can also show off your creativity skills by displaying fashion pieces from different shows harmonising on one wall.

8. Anime Figure Display

For dedicated manga readers collecting their favorite anime figures is better than having a hobby that can help you with your home décor as well. There are numerous options for how you can display your favorite characters. One of the simple options is to have wall-mounted shelves. However, if you own an extensive collection, you can dedicate a corner of your home by investing in anime glass or a Perspex display case. To make it more aesthetically pleasing, you can also add LED lights.

9. Anime Bedding

Lastly, you can add anime prints, bedding, or sheets inspired by anime or manga. You can use anime prints pillow cases, or cushions to keep it minimal yet fulfilling your inner anime fan. Having a cute anime throw blanket will keep you warm and cozy all night and take you into the anime world, where you can meet your favorite anime characters to live your dream life.

Final Note

These steps will help you décor your home by taking inspiration from your favorite anime. Not only can it create great anime vibes to your home décor, but it can also catch your guests’ attention.

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