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 8 Best Apps That Help You To Stay Focused

In today’s world, it is difficult to stay focused on one thing when all the notifications and alarms from different sites keep bugging you up. Managing this countless amount of notifications and getting the work done is very impossible if you do not take the right measures. Therefore, there are multiple focus apps available on the internet to help you get the thing done with full focus and limited distractions. We have compiled a list of 8 apps to help you with what you have been struggling with, ‘focus’. All you need are these apps to keep your focus in check, and a working reliable connection to keep you hooked to the internet. It is inevitable these days, to have an internet that is good, does not waste your time, and helps to keep you online. For which we recommend having a strong internet provider as the likes of Xfinity, which provides a high-speed internet with Xfinity WiFi, which you can obtain with a call to Xfinity customer service and you can get information on new packages and deals that fit your portfolio requirements. 

Read up ahead, as we have divided the apps into two sections, one for IOS users and the second for both IOS and Android users.



The first on the list is due, which is a highly functional app to help users to focus and schedule. Due is an efficient app that keeps all your reminders and deadlines. It has an efficient notification system and, keeps you updated on all your scheduled tasks and meetings. It is also fast enough to create or delay any reminders. The app has a good detailed system and features. 


This IOS app has two versions: a free one and a pro one. In the app, you can swipe down and add your tasks according to their priority and set up due dates for your tasks. The app is designed to provide you with peace and help you manage your time productively. Minimalist provides a simplified Pomodoro technique and a timer that you set up according to your work.

Things 3

Things 3 is one of the most efficient task management apps out there. It makes the process of managing tasks effective and effortless. This focus app works as a task organizer and calendar. The calendar organizes your tasks and projects in detail. The format of the app comprises an organized and comprehensive list of your daily tasks and projects. It also allows you to prioritize and categorize your work.

Be Focused Pro

The all-in-one productivity app with seamless functions. It allows you to personalize your focus sessions and also manage your time. When downloaded, it will be shown on the menu bar. You just have to click the icon, name the task and start your timer. It has the option of live timers and its data syncs option helps you keep your data accurate and available on your iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. It also has an amazing feature that you can keep track of all your ongoing work and tasks with every task with its separate timers. It gives you a comprehensive overview of the progress you made daily and weekly. 



Based on AI assistance, Dewo tracks our desktop and web activity. This feature helps it to better analyze how the user would work with focus. Dewo has the feature of automatically silencing notifications. It provides you with helpful data to help you track your progress. It has a deep work mode, which automatically triggers the do not disturb mode when reached there.

This productivity app is a great app to manage collaborative work. The users can set up joint task lists, assign work and track each other’s progress. It has sharing of lists and monitoring of progress abilities. There are other premium offers available within the app, and the pro version provides you with cool features to work on. 


This focus app provides you with some amazing features. It makes the process of staying focused simple. It blocks distracting apps and countless amount of notifications on your devices. You can create customize the app according to your need. You can create block lists to ensure that you stay on track. You can decide which sites you want to block and for how much time. It has an accessible design with a dashboard where you can keep in check your progress and sync your sessions across all your devices. This focus app provides you with the option to block sites and set timers and timeframes to keep your focus in check. 


Another Pomodoro technique-based app to motivate the users and help them make the most out of their day. It has a cute interface. When you are up for a task, you plant a seed, set the timer, and the tree starts growing. When you exit the app, the tree dies and that is the time when the timer starts over. The app partners with the organization, Trees of the Future, which plants trees and works on ending hunger. This app boosts your productivity and helps you get things done on time efficiently.


Some apps work on Pomodoro, others on something else, yet each app on the list provides you with various features, all helping you stay focused and get things done. If you want to stay away from distractions, work within your timeframe, and keep a check on your progress, these 8 apps are the best recommendations out there.

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