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7 Steps to a Successful Vacation Rental

Turning your cottage or second home into a vacation rental is a great way to make the most of a property you only spend a few weeks a year in. It might be tempting to just list it and wait for the calls, but there are a few steps you should take first. 

Reviews are everything when it comes to rental properties and you have to put the effort in to make sure yours are overwhelmingly positive. Here are 7 steps to a successful vacation rental.

1| Depersonalize With A Theme

Start by clearing out anything personal in your rental property. Potential visitors are looking to get away from reality for a short while, they don’t want to be bombarded with your family mementos on their vacation. 

Choose a theme for the whole home, but don’t make it too sterile. You need to strike a balance between warm and inviting and a space that’s depersonalized. This may require a complete renovation so don’t forget to book your Residential Friendly Dumpster Rental to clear out all of your old junk. It might be a lot of work upfront, but it won’t take long to pay off.

2| Make Your Rental Tech Friendly

There are some people that want to get away from it all, including all the tech, but chances are they’re looking for a cabin in the woods — not your vacation rental. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection for your guests and consider adding some smart home features if you really want them to have a great experience and leave that positive review.

3| Create An Outdoor Paradise

Don’t overlook that outdoor space on your property. If you have a pool or hottub, make sure they’re well maintained, clean and inviting. 

Offer your guests a nice patio sitting area with access to both sun and shade depending on their preference. An outdoor gazebo or bar are other nice touches you might want to consider. 

4| Stock Up On Common Items

When you’re on vacation you don’t want to have to worry about the little details like toilet paper, cleaning supplies and towels. Be generous with these items and throw in a few surprises as well such as complimentary snacks and gourmet coffees. It’s these little touches that make your property stand out from the thousands of other options out there. 

5| Declutter And Clean Every Time

Some guests will be cleaner than others, but no matter how tidy the last guest was, always do a top to bottom clean and declutter once they’ve left. You never know what unwanted surprises might be waiting for your next guest and they might feel the need to head online and tell the world about it. 

6| Add A Touch of Luxury 

Who doesn’t want to be pampered? Keep that in mind as you create your successful vacation rental. Add in all those little luxury details you would expect yourself. 

This might include extra soft pillows, comfortable beds and comforters. Perhaps even a well stocked games room. You want your rental to be a one of a kind experience that any guest will want to return to.

7| Make Sure Everything Works

One last thing to consider for any successful vacation rental is to make sure everything works. If your guests have to deal with leaky faucets, no hot water and power outlets that won’t charge their devices they won’t be back and there won’t be any recommendations in your future. 

Check everything and be quick to respond if any issues do arise. Most people are pretty forgiving as long as they’re listened to and repairs are made quickly. 

If you follow these guidelines, you’re sure to have a successful vacation rental that all of your guests will enjoy on every visit

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