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7 DIY HVAC Maintenance: What You Can Do to Keep Your System-Running Smoothly – Plano Texas

HVAC systems play a highly critical role in maintaining the comfort and safety of your home. But the warmth in winter and cool air in summer is replaced by discomfort when HVAC problems show up. Regular maintenance of the heating and cooling systems can help to ensure optimal performance while avoiding expensive repairs and trouble. 

DIY HVAC maintenance is something you can focus on during the weekend or in your free time. This will help you to pass the time while ensuring that the system is in perfect shape. We will share the top DIY maintenance tips from expert technicians from AC repair, Plano, Texas. 

7 DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips

Here are the top maintenance tips to keep your HVAC system up and running at all times. 

  1. Change Air Filter Regularly: 

The highly common but important HVAC maintenance tasks is to change the air filters from time to time. Air filters in the system become dirty after a while as dust, debris, and so on make these filters their home. These clogged or dirty filters will restrict the airflow and cause the HVAC to work more vigorously. 

When the air conditioner or heating system has to work more than usual, it causes significant damage to the components over time. Locate the air filters in the system and remove the old ones. Place new filters in their place and close the machine. Make sure to change this component once every 3 to 4 months or more frequently if required. 

  1. Keep The Outdoor Unit Clean:

The HVAC unit is split between two components: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor unit is typically exposed to the elements of nature, such as water and air. Due to this, this unit accumulates dirt, debris, dry leaves, and so on, which impact the overall performance of the system. Cleaning the unit regularly and properly is a must to ensure optimal performance and system longevity. 

In order to clean the unit, turn off the main power supply to the system first. Rely on a soft brush or sponge to clean off the dirt, debris, etc., from the unit. You can also use a garden hose to clean the unit but make sure that you do not let water get into any of the components. Let the outdoor component dry completely before turning the power back on. 

  1. Check The Ductwork:

Leaks in the ducts of your home are a common issue that many homeowners encounter. However, identifying this problem is not the easiest task. These leaks in the ductwork can result in the air conditioner or heater working harder than their normal activity. Not only that, but it also leads to a loss of energy which causes a hike in energy bills. 

Make sure to inspect the ducts on a regular basis and see whether there are any leaks, cracks, loose connections, etc. You can fix the issue by relying on a duct sealing kit, or you can get a professional in AC repair near Plano, TX, to get the work done for you. 

  1. Inspect & Clean Indoor Coils:

The indoor unit of the HVAC has coils in the operating system. Similar to the air filters connected to the HVAC system, the coils in the indoor unit of the HVAC accumulate debris, dust, and so on. These contaminants impact the longevity and efficiency of the system greatly and prevent the HVAC from working properly. 

For efficient performance, cleaning the indoor coils is necessary. Before cleaning, turn the main power off. Rely on a soft brush to remove the dirt, debris, etc. Do not put excessive pressure on the coils, as this can cause them to break into pieces. Lastly, turn on the main power after cleaning. 

  1. Check The Thermostat:

The thermostat plays a major role in controlling the HVAC temperature inside the home. If the thermostat fails to function properly, it will cause problems for the HVAC system. Check the thermostat connected to the system and replace the batteries if needed. 

Inspect the settings of the thermostat and HVAC, and adjust if any change is necessary. If you have a smart thermostat in your house, make sure that you check the data along with the programs already set up in the system. 

  1. Examine The Vents: 

Vents play a crucial role in ensuring the proper distribution of air from the HVAC system throughout the home. When the vents are dirty or blocked, it restricts the airflow, preventing the system from working efficiently. Make sure that the vents are clean of dirt and dust, and remove any furniture or object blocking the vents. 

In order to clean the vents, make sure to use a soft brush and clean gently. Bending the fins of the vents will disrupt the even distribution process. 

  1. Schedule Professional Maintenance:

Last but not least, schedule professional inspection and maintenance at least once or twice a year. Although there are several maintenance jobs that you can do on your own, relying on professionals will help you to deal with the major issues. 

Expert HVAC technicians have all the tools and materials required to find out the underlying cause of a problem and their accurate solution. This will not only keep the system functioning but will also help to avoid expensive repairs. 


Regular maintenance of the HVAC system is a must to ensure that the system operates smoothly. The maintenance tips from AC repair, Plano, Texas professionals will help to maintain the system properly. Make sure that you clean all the components gently and correctly. These tips will minimize HVAC problems and help to ensure longevity. 

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