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6 Ways to be Sexy Without Even Trying

“Contrary to what most women think, sexiness is not something you are born with. It is an art form that can be picked up by any woman alive. I know that it is difficult for some women to begin comprehending how to even become sexy, but the truth is it is extremely easy to do it without breaking a sweat. Here is a list of tips to get you started.

Give your man a challenge

There is a way you can turn an argument into pure crazy entertainment. Next time you’re looking for an easy and interesting way to be hot just present your man with a simple challenge. Have a debate on who can score the most points in monopoly or who can score the cutest items from a sale. When you win (Go Girl Power!), your man will find it incredibly hot and desire you in a whole new way. Try this the next time you want to fire up an activity.

Make a move on him

It is absolutely sexy for your man to catch you staring at him when the two of you are among a group. Sneak him a long stare while you are chatting up some friends and let him catch you do it. This will give him the knowledge that in a room full of other guys all you can think about is him.

Have a sense of humor

A woman who can see fun in a situation another person would deem lifeless is a rare gem. To be this woman you need to have a sense of humor. Any man loves a woman that can make him laugh because it shows that she is fun and open to many experiences. If you can make a group of people laugh while he is there, all he will think about is getting you home and ripping off your clothes.


Sexy is not shown by physical attributes alone. You need to own it. If you want to develop sexiness you must act it every single time. The only way you can put up this act is by being confident. Do you care about other people’s opinions of you? Stop it! If you want to be sexy you must always do you and never care what people think about you. This attitude will make any man have the same line of thought- Need. Her. Now.

Never seek approval

It is absolutely hot when a woman lives her own lifestyle without seeking other people’s approval. She goes about her life doing things that SHE loves doing and dresses the way SHE wants to. She doesn’t need any single person’s (including her boyfriend) okay to do anything. The fact that no one can dictate this woman’s life is what makes her hot as hell.


A cheerful woman is a sexy woman. The fact that you can smile without a reason behind it is hot. It makes a man want to have you around since you carry such an air of positivity with you. This kind of energy is rare and makes a woman have the Wow factor so many other ladies wish they had.

These are all non-monetary ways to end up being the sole definition of sexiness. Next time you’re wondering how to be that hot young thing remember not to spend too much time envying others when you have it all in you.”

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