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6 Valentine’s Day Gifts Perfect for a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, and for many people, they’re difficult to maintain. Approximately 58% of these relationships survive the long-distance period. It’s never easy to be hundreds or thousands of miles away from someone you care about, and it can be even harder when Valentine’s Day comes around. On Valentine’s Day, it can feel impossible to escape all the happy couples around you, and that’s sure to make you miss your significant other even more than usual. And if you’re feeling that way, you can bet that your partner is missing you as well. However, the fact that you can’t be with your significant other in person doesn’t mean you can’t make Valentine’s Day special.

Listed below are a handful of wonderful gift ideas to brighten up the day for that special someone in your life. These presents are not only great ideas for long-distance relationships, but they’re also relatively affordable. Americans spend billions of dollars on the holiday every year, but there’s no reason you need to break the bank to show your partner that you care.

1. Personalized Gifts

When you want others to know how much they mean to you, going with a personalized present is always a great choice. If you’re looking for personalized Valentine’s gifts, there are tons of wonderful possibilities. For example, you could give your significant other a blanket or pillow with a picture of the two of you or both of your names on it. You could also go with a personalized Christmas ornament, matching personalized bathrobes or a shirt or hoodie with some kind of personal message or photo. These are just a few of the numerous possibilities.

Practically any Valentine’s Day gift can be personalized for others, so you just need to decide what they’ll love the most. And if your special someone is a woman, there are lots of excellent personalized Valentine’s Day presents for her to consider. A couple of great options are a comfy Valentine’s Day blanket or a cute teddy bear with both of your names on it.

2. Matching Jewelry

Matching Jewelry

Another fantastic gift idea for your long-distance significant other is matching jewelry. With some matching jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, both you and your partner will each have one half of a symmetrical design. Then, no matter how many miles apart the two of you are, you’ll know that you’re connected to the other person through the jewelry. Matching jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to be two separate halves of a whole. You could also get a pair of matching rings, necklaces, amulets or other items. They’ll look great, and they’ll further strengthen the bond that you and your long-distance partner share.

3. New Luggage

When you’re buying a Valentine’s Day gift for someone that lives in another state or country, why not take the opportunity to get them excited for their next visit? When you’re in a long-distance relationship, there’s nothing you look forward to more than your next opportunity to see your partner. So, if the person you’re with has a trip soon to visit you, consider getting them a new, luxurious piece of luggage. Make sure it’s got plenty of room, that way they can pack more of their belongings and stay with you for even longer! With a lovely new luggage piece, your significant other may even be motivated enough to move up their flight and visit you even sooner.

4. A Messenger Lovebox

If you want to give your long-distance partner something unique, you could choose a Valentine’s Day gift that helps you both feel closer to one another. One awesome option is a special Lovebox. This unique gift connects to Wi-Fi and can receive messages from all over the world. When it receives a message, the heart on the front of the box starts spinning, and it doesn’t stop until your special someone reads the note you sent. 

Since you can’t see your partner nearly as often as you’d like, you can at least have a special way to send them messages whenever you want. And since only you would be able to send the Lovebox messages, your significant other will always know they have a note from you whenever the heart starts spinning.

5. Digital Photo Frame

Another amazing Valentine’s Day gift for a long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend is a digital photo frame. Thanks to modern technology, there are now digital picture frames that are Wi-Fi enabled. If you give your partner one of these cool frames, you can upload new photos to them from wherever you are. That will allow you to regularly surprise your significant other with new pictures. If you had a cool experience, like going on an amazing hike or meeting a celebrity, you could covertly put it on display for them. Alternatively, you could remind your partner how much you miss them by uploading a cute photo of the two of you. Plus, if your special someone is into technology, they’ll certainly appreciate how cool of a gadget the frame is.

6. Long-Distance Lamps

A pair of long-distance lamps is a superb Valentine’s Day gift idea for any couple in a long-distance relationship. Much like the photo frame and Lovebox mentioned above, these stylish lamps are connected via Wi-Fi. You and your partner each set yours up in your respective homes, and when one of you turns your lamp on, the other one will automatically light up as well. This is yet another great way for you and your long-distance partner to feel closer to each other.

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Anything to Shorten the Distance

When you deeply care about others, it’s never easy to be far away from them for extended periods. So, when Valentine’s Day comes around, it’s a great opportunity to feel closer to your partner and help your partner feel closer to you. When you’re deciding on a gift, try to find something that will make it feel like the gap between you and your significant other isn’t large. The closer the two of you feel, the stronger the relationship will be, and the easier it will be to handle the long-distance aspect of the relationship.

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