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6 Unique Fitness Classes To Take

“You may have gotten used to the same old group classes at your gym, but did you know there is more variety out there than you might have thought? Check out these unique fitness classes and have some fun getting your exercise on?


Zumba is one of those fun exercise classes that you have either been meaning to try or love doing a lot already! Zumba is named after being fast like a bee. Its a fun exercise class that is built upon Latin rhythmic music. Zumba is a popular class among those who love dancing or just love fun ways of working out. These Latin beats incorporate salsa, flamenco, merengue, and other dance styles that can be mixed in, such as hip hop and freestyle. The intense but fun exercise class was developed in Miami in 2001. It may seem difficult to get a hold of at first, but once you start getting used to moving your legs and adding other movements, it gets a lot easier, and a lot more fun!

Urban Bounding/Trampoline Bouncing

Urban Rebounding takes trampolining out from the backyard and into the gym again. Participants in the class use miniature trampolines to get their calorie burn on. The great thing about these tiny trampolines is they place less stress on your joints than a workout on the floor and the surface of the trampoline creates an unstable surface so that your workout is way more challenging than other classes. Urban rebounding is high energy, fast and fun and a toning monster. Don’t miss this unique class if you can help it!


Forza is a word in Italian that means strength and power. It is a class that uses Japanese sword fighting techniques using a wooden sword. Get a workout you never expected with this challenging class and also get pretty good with a mock sword as you thrust and slice, lunging and parrying. Find your inner warrior with this challenging cardio workout that is both physically and mentally engaging.

Surfing On Land

You may love the idea of surfing in the water, but did you know that you can go surfing on land, too? Hone your surfboard muscles if you’re already familiar with the sport or just get a great workout and all the fun of surfing without the fear of sharks! Just kidding. No socks needed for these surfboard machines. Paddle with resistance and move with the board as you get a surfer bod and a change from the same old workout!


The Streb Lab for Action Mechanics is just one organization that wants you to get wild and try parkour, group class style, and the trend is catching on. Get an intense workout that challenges muscles you didn’t even know you had, jumping over objects, swinging one handed over walls, and more. Learn how to scale different obstacles using the technique of parkour combined with other techniques from aspects of trampoline jumping and gymnastics.

Full Blast Yoga

In this type of yoga, you get to get your groove on. Unlike traditional yoga classes, this type of yoga has loud music blasting. So while you do Vinyasa flow, you can pull off your downward dog to the sound of Katy Perry singing Firework. It’s like having your own personal fun workout playlist hooked up to the speakers and makes being one with the universe all the more fun. The music will help you channel your strength as you work your way through the poses.

Check out any or all of these amazing classes! They’re so unique, you’ll love exercise again and look forward to getting your sweat on!”

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