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6 Smart Tips before Buying a Portable Bathtub for Adults

Are you looking for the perfect portable bathtub for adults? There are plenty of options available in the market to choose from. Nevertheless, only the best one should be yours. It may not always be easy to have a tub at home, but these are worth every penny.

When you buy a portable tub, there are various things you must take into consideration before picking the right tub. You need the basic features to help you choose better. It might take a while to find the perfect portable bathtubs for adults; hence, here are some significant factors that could help you out.

1. Material

Let us start with a fairly obvious tip when buying bathtubs. It may be trivial, but a portable bathtub made of durable and stable materials will serve you for a long time. And if you compare a tub with robust materials to those with low standards, the former is a lot more worth your budget.

Portable bathtubs come in varying materials used for construction, such as PVC plastic and thermal. The materials determine how long you can use it, and it is truly worth your money. Always remember that the most stable and durable material for these tubs is the one made from plastic. While some are crafted with several layers of plastic, making them stronger than those single-layer units.

2. Size

Some people may not admit it, but size does matter when choosing a portable tub. After all, unless you have a highly spacious bathroom, you need to keep the available space in mind. Will the tub fit your bathing area perfectly? Will there be additional rooms for other bathing amenities? These are some of the many questions you should keep in mind when choosing a portable tub.

If you are going to use a portable bathtub indoors, make sure you know the size of your shower stall. It will determine the most appropriate portable tub that can fit in there. The standard size you can get is 30 inches for big spaces and 28 inches for small bathrooms. Make sure you also maximize the tub size to have a comfortable bath.

3. Shape and Design

Aside from its size, the tub’s shape and design should also be on your list when choosing an addition to your bathing area. The shape is even more crucial if you have a bathroom with not much space, as you must ensure that it will fit your otherwise compressed bathroom. Meanwhile, a bathtub with a fitting design for your bathing area will make the room generally more pleasing to the eyes. 

An ideal portable bathtub for adults allows you to relax in the best way possible. It is the reason why different shapes of tubs with a multitude of functions are available out there. You can opt for the round designs that let you sit upright for deeper soaks or sit cross-legged. Choose one that is both functional and aesthetically appealing to look at. 

4. Height

Of course, you also need to take note of your height before purchasing a portable bathtub. The standard height range is 29.5 inches to 31.5 inches, depending on how tall you are. You need to be able to stretch your legs comfortably to have a refreshing bath. More so, larger bathtubs are available for those who need bigger ones.

5. Budget

Aside from the visible and material factors, you should also watch your budget when picking a portable bathtub, whether you plan on using it outdoors or indoors. There is no point in spending thousands of dollars on one aesthetically-pleasing tub. Instead, it is better to keep a level-head, so you will not hurt your budget. 

Yet another crucial factor to consider before buying a portable tub is your budget. Determine your budget first to narrow your search and enable you to pick one that is within your allotted money. Stick to the one that meets your requirements and never get overwhelmed by the numerous options you have.

6. Maintenance

Lastly, almost everything today requires some maintenance. From gadgets and appliances to furniture, each product needs regular maintenance to keep it in pristine condition. And your bathtub of choice is no different.

It is also necessary to consider the maintenance of your tub when buying one. Portable bathtubs are needed to maintain so you can use them over again. Thus, look for an easy-to-clean tub with a decent design to make it easier for you to wash it. It will save you time and effort whenever you use it.


Pamper yourself well with a portable bathtub and have a relaxing bath experience. This product is worth it since you can use it indoors and outdoors. All you have to do is keep in mind these smart tips mentioned above when planning to buy one. So don’t waste your time and head to the nearest store to purchase yours!

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