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6 Reasons Why Connecticut Is the Perfect Place for Retirement

Retirement is all about getting the most out of life, and Connecticut can provide all of that and so much more. This unique spot has something for everyone, whether it’s enjoying big city facilities or taking in quaint waterfront parks. If you’re looking to get the next chapter of life off to a flying start, continue reading to find out why Connecticut should be top of your list of places to move.

A Longer Life Expectancy

According to Harvard University, the average life expectancy in America is around 76 years old (2021). Whereas, in Connecticut, the life expectancy sits above this at 78.4. Although this figure has slipped below the 80+ life expectancy seen before the Covid-19 pandemic, it still means that people in Connecticut typically live longer. There are many reasons for this including access to affordable treatments and healthcare provisions, as you will find by exploring this excellent provider of senior living in Southbury CT.

A Small-Town Feel with Big City Facilities

Connecticut is renowned for having a close-knit community, with many residents claiming it feels like one big supportive family. However, the people of Connecticut also have access to some of the greatest city facilities. For example, Greenwich and Hartford are home to incredible restaurants and retail destinations, like Riverside Commons Shopping Centre.

Enjoy Miles of Coastline

The clue is in the name here. Connecticut gets its name from a word that translates to ‘next to a long tidal river’ in Native American. The shoreline in Connecticut stretches for an impressive 100 miles and four rivers crossing it, meaning there’s plenty of scenery and activities to enjoy. For example, Southbury’s beautiful George C Waldo State Park sits alongside the Housatonic River.

Access to Free Higher Education

Retirement doesn’t mean that learning comes to a stop. For many, it’s just the start of another learning adventure. Connecticut state understands this, which is why they provide access to tuition-free degrees from UCONN (University of Connecticut). Although tuition is 100% fee, there is a small activity fee to pay directly to the university.

The Best Pizza in America

Claiming to have the best pizza in all the states is pretty bold, but Connecticut can claim this with the proof to back it up. Pepe’s Pizzeria, which is in New Haven, beat 800 restaurants to claim the top spot in a “best pizza” contest – they achieved this for three consecutive years.

Low Crime Rates

As well as being a fairly wealthy state and one of the first thirteen states, Connecticut is often seen as one of the safest. In particular, Ridgefield, Newton, and Simsbury have the safest rankings. This is important when it comes to retiring, as being able to live comfortably and feel safe walking down the street is essential.

Starting a new chapter when you reach retirement is a great way to recharge the batteries, but knowing where to go can be challenging. Hopefully, after taking in the above reasons to move to Connecticut, you’re already thinking about exploring affordable housing options.

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