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6 Perfect Occasions To Wear a White Dress

White dresses are stunning and timeless. Finding the right look for you can give you a boost of confidence that is intoxicating. If you wish you could wear white dresses more frequently, you’re in luck. You don’t have to save these gorgeous looks for your wedding day. There are plenty of occasions where white dresses are totally suitable to dress in.

Your Wedding-Related Events

Your wedding day is not the only occasion where you need to wear white. There are tons of other wedding-related events that you can dazzle in a white dress: engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party or weekend, rehearsal dinner, and honeymoon. Bridal events mean all eyes on you so adorn yourself in white, white, white for each and every occasion. 

Wedding-Related Events

Not all wedding-related events are the same. Some are casual garden parties while others are fancy black-tie. No matter what type of event you’ll be attending, you can find white dresses that will suit your needs. Reformation, for example, has dresses such as the Rutherford dress for occasions all across the board from gowns to short dresses, and many styles can be dressed up to down to suit the event.

Events Celebrating a New Baby

Rutherford Dress

Whether you’re attending a baby shower, baptism, or gender reveal party, white dresses are a great option. White-colored clothes signify new beginnings, which is why white is worn at weddings. Events for babies are similar in that sense. That’s why white dresses make a perfect choice.

Events Celebrating a New Baby

Spring and Summer Parties

Spring and summer seasons are the perfect time of year for white dresses. White is an extremely comfortable color to wear during the warmer weather because it reflects most of the sun’s heat and you absorb very little of that heat which keeps your body cool.

These two seasons are notorious for parties from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July, outdoor concerts to barbeques, and anything in between, a white dress will be the perfect go-to for you. Pick out a comfortable linen maxi or a short and sweet linen dress from Reformation to wear no matter what type of event you’re going to. (PS: Linen is the best summer fabric because it’s lightweight to keep you nice and cool, which makes Reformation’s Adriel Linen Dress a great choice).

Adriel Linen Dress

Beach Vacations

If you’re heading out on a beach vacation, no matter what time of year it is, you have to take a white dress along with you. A beach trip is going to be in a warmer climate, so similar to wanting a light color to keep you cool in summer, you’ll want the same comfort while you’re on vacation.

Beach Vacations in White Dress

White dresses are often super easy to dress up or dress down which makes them the perfect option for vacations. You only need to pack one. Wear a linen maxi while strolling the beach during the day and then when it’s time for a romantic beach dinner on the water, slip on a pair of heels and some accessories to level up the dress. You are on a getaway to relax, after all, so opt for clothing that doesn’t require a lot of muss and fuss.

Award Ceremonies

Award Ceremonies in White Dress

Whether you’re attending a graduation, sorority invitation, or awards banquet, a white dress is a chic and classic option that will have all eyes on you. White is a color that can be associated with future progress.

Black Tie Events

When attending a black-tie event, most people shy away from a white dress because of its association with weddings. But there’s no reason you can’t totally rock a stunning white gown at an event. White dresses have a beautiful elegance to them and you’ll feel incredibly confident walking into a room with all eyes on your gorgeous dress.

Seaside Linen Dress

If you really want to stand out at a black and white event, always opt for white. When events for black and white dress codes specifically state only attire in those colors, most people opt for black. If you walk in wearing a white dress, like one of the stunning dresses from Reformation (such as the Seaside Linen Dress), you will capture everyone’s attention. 

The next time you’re shopping for an event, don’t shy away from the selection of white dresses. Show off your confidence, find something incredibly comfortable and chic, and have a blast.

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