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6 Key Things to Know When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Eventually, after working tirelessly, you have settled on your wedding dream dress, suit, flowers, and cakes. However, all these might mean nothing without making everlasting memories through photography. Eventually, after working tirelessly, you have settled on your wedding dream dress, suit, flowers, and cakes. However, all these might mean nothing without making everlasting memories through photography. Choosing the right photographer is quite essential for a successful wedding day, and A-Wing Visuals provides state-of-the-art equipment and ethical partners.

The photos taken must be an eye-catching and timeless account as you exchange excitement and romance with your better half. With the growth of photography, it has attracted hundreds of service providers. So, choosing the best wedding photographer can be a daunting process.

Here are vital things to check when hiring a wedding photographer.

Expertise in Wedding Photography

Being a wedding photographer is more than appearing on occasion with camera equipment. Wedding photography demands creativity during the whole event and documenting lifetime memories of engaged couples. Therefore, the photographer must be keen on every detail to capture critical elements within a photo.

Before choosing a photographer, skim through their previously done works. You can go through their Facebook or Instagram pages to verify they have experience. Once you select the right photographer for you, check their pricing, portfolios, and cancellation policies.

Describe What You Are Looking for

Wedding photographers can’t understand what you want unless you describe it. Ensure all your communications are clear and specific on what you are looking for. Ensure the photographer has understood your wedding intentions, timeline, and expectations.

Gauge the Photographer’s Style

Different weddings have different styles demanding different photography styles. In this instance, it’s imperative to base your requirements on your and your spouse’s preference.

Ask your photographer what style of wedding they typically specialize in. Some of the typical photography wedding styles that appeals include:


These shots only cover you two, family members, and friends. Most wedding photographers take receptions as a group photo session in this preference.


Popularly known as ‘classic style’ is preferred by most engaged couples. The photographer is obliged to cover all critical standard elements. If you choose this style, remind the photographer to include your veil, bridal suite, accessories, and first look.


It’s a blend of traditional and photojournalistic styles. Primarily used in engagement photos, but it’s believed to have a high emphasis on the background, lighting, and composition. Remind the photographer to focus on the spontaneous, candid shots.

Photographer Reputation and Credentials

You are probably wondering how to distinguish unscrupulous photographers from genuine ones. We understand that everyone has to start somewhere, but your wedding memories matter most. Before hiring a photographer, ask if they have the required credentials in photography and photo editing.

If the photographer has reviews online, read all of them. If there are no reviews, ask if you can contact previous clients and inquire about their experience with the photographer. Honest clients will open up their satisfaction working with the photographer.

Size of the Photography Team

An ideal photographer should have a team to capture different moments simultaneously, perfectly. While one photographer takes pictures of the groom, the other family, and friends, others operate the drone to take videos. The team can be large as the main photographer needs to help operate the camera and lighting equipment.


Quality of Equipment Used to Shoot

When it comes to wedding photographers, the lens itself is more important than the body of a camera. Therefore, there is no excuse for low-quality equipment when someone is responsible for an important day for two love birds.

Before outsourcing a professional photographer, ensure they have quality equipment. For future use of the photos, make sure they are edited in the proper formats and software.

Top Seattle Wedding Photographers in Town

Your wedding moments are invaluable, as they are a few things to be left after the wedding event is over. However, all in all, you deserve unmatched shots.

If you are anxious about your big day photos, search for top wedding photographers in your area in advance. Take enough time to screen different wedding photographers based on the abovementioned criteria.

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