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6 Fashion Tips to Be More Stylish in College

College years are an exciting yet extremely busy time. Caught up with endless assignments and papers, students often don’t have enough time to follow fashion trends. However, young people want to express their personality in all possible ways, including clothing, and look their best. In this article, we’ll break down six tips on how to improve your style in college. 

1. Build a Simple Capsule Wardrobe for Busy Mornings

Students don’t have much time to worry about their outfits in the morning. Usually, they sit up late to finish their last-minute paper or prepare for a classroom discussion. Then, after hitting the snooze button a couple of times for another five minutes of sleep in the morning, they only have enough time to jump into some jeans and an oversized sweater and head off to class. 

How to change it? You can either let experienced essay writer online from DoMyEssay, a professional essay writing service for students, take care of your homework and enjoy more free time or build a capsule wardrobe. While the first option is simple, finding your perfect capsule collection of basics may take some trial and error. You’ll need to get a couple of basic shirts, a minimalist dress, a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, and anything else that is versatile and easy to throw on but looks stylish at the same time. 

2. Find a Stylish Backpack

You can easily make your look more interesting with glamorous accessories. These could be bejeweled bags, massive earrings, or sculptural heels. However, these items are hardly suitable for everyday looks and especially college outfits. 

You can keep those statement accessories for special occasions but get a fancy backpack to wear to college. Explore all the bold patterns, colors, and designs. Such a backpack will add some interest even to the simplest outfit and be practical at the same time for all your classroom essentials like books and notes. 

3. More Layers!

Layering clothes is a practical strategy to keep yourself warm and add more style to your outfit. The fall season is here, so it’s time to play around mixing and matching cozy sweaters with dresses, scarves, and cardigans. 

Layering allows you to make the most of your wardrobe. You don’t even need to buy new stuff. It’s possible to take two absolutely basic items and combine them to create something completely new. Naturally, layering takes some confidence. You should be ready to experiment with lengths, textures, fabrics, and patterns. Endless styling options are definitely worth it! 

4. Get a Pair of Comfortable Shoes

Students do a lot of walking on a daily basis. Getting around campus and moving from class to class, you need to have a pair of shoes that combines comfort and style. 

Out of all things, comfortable shoes are the smartest investment. Look for quality materials, durability, and a versatile look. Some stylish sneakers can make your college life so much easier, and even more if you add some shirts to match your sneakers

5. Make an Effort to Discover New Brands

One of the reasons why people may struggle to find their unique style is because of the fashion habits they develop over the years. People get attached to certain clothes and are too afraid to experiment.

Discovering new brands requires you to step out of your comfort zone. There are so many options from mid-range brands that are hitting the market. You can find some really special items. If you live on a budget, you can wait for seasonal discounts to get the clothes you really like at a lower price. 

6. Elevate Your Look With Accessories

Your outfit can benefit from some accent details. These could be some bright and bold accessories that make your look pop. Consider wearing a patterned or textured belt and mix it with some basic pieces from your capsule wardrobe.

Another option is to add some hair clips. Go for some elegant vintage pieces for more formal looks and colorful, embellished ones if you want something more casual and fun. We shouldn’t forget about safety, too. Since the start of the pandemic, a face mask has become another accessory in the fashion arsenal. Choose the one with an interesting pattern to add color to your outfit. 

To Sum Up

There are so many ways to create original looks. Experiment with layers and accessories, discover new brands, and develop your capsule wardrobe. But don’t forget that your clothing should be comfortable and cozy to help you handle busy college life.

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