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6 Clever Ways to Bail on a Bad Date

We have all experienced a bad date. Sitting on the other end of this gruesome activity as a man you are completely incompatible with drags on about his boring experiences is something you need to have a strong stomach to sit through. Some women do not know how to cleverly bail on a horrible date. The following ideas may just give you some inspiration.

Go mental

During the dinner, be the crazy chick that cannot stop talking about her ex. Talk to your date about how your ex smelt, and go into deeper details such as sex. This will absolutely turn off the guy and send him running for the hills. If he doesn’t seem to get the memo you can always turn on the tears and screams if necessary. Go further by singing him a song and tell him that was your ex’s favorite song. Crazy chick 1- Random guy 0.

Offer him a 2nd date

In the middle of your meet, tell him how nice he is and that he would be perfect for your friend. This will show him that you absolutely don’t like him and he should not have any hope of a 2nd meeting with you. If he is smart enough, he will be able to realize this and end the dinner early.

Spill a drink

If you are up to ruining your dress so that you can exit a horrible dinner then go for it! Choose the bottom half or the top half and get spilling. Make sure to turn on your best acting skills for this one because there is a certain art to spilling a drink on yourself. You should do it just well enough to warrant an immediate change of dress. This will bring an early end to a horrible night.

Get lost

The next time you’re wondering how to bail, you can always try this absolutely easy step. Excuse yourself by going to the restroom and go home. You can always say you tried looking for it, got lost, found the nearest exit and went home. Nobody will blame you for your poor knowledge of directions.

Plan ahead

You should be smart enough to plan an exit strategy during a first date. Set a time limit for the dinner to end such as 10:30 pm. Tell the guy that you wish you could stay but have to go to a private party at your friend’s house. You must mention that it is private so that he does not decide to join you and your friend. Have him walk you to your car and head home for a glorious night of solitude.

Turn on the creepy

There are guys who will never take the hint. You can throw your plate of food at their faces and they still will not get that you do not like the date. If you find yourself wanting to desperately bail on such a dinner you can always turn on the creepy. Give him a compliment, but make it a fierce one. For example You’re so cute I could just mount you on my garage door. At first he will think you just have a weird sense of humor, but convince him that you are not joking by saying something creepier, like You’re so funny I could just beat you to death.When he excuses himself, that’s your cue to run!

Bad dates will become a thing you will no longer have to sit through once you implement these suggestions. No one said you had an obligation to have someone else waste your time anyway.

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