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5 Ways to Tell if You Have the Mom Gene

When they are not busy trying to discover the cure for cancer, scientists are busy injecting mice with mommy gene receptors. There is, apparently, a way to reduce mommy hormones in some women and increase these hormones in other women. However, the weight of their argument has so many contradictory holes in it. Despite this, there are small signs that show you if you really have the so called mom gene. Some of them are discussed below.

You have an innate sense of motherhood

Some women confess wanting to be mothers ever since they were children. If you have felt this way all your life you definitely have mommy fever. A young woman who enjoys taking up babysitting jobs for the joys of spending time with children could also bear the mommy gene.

You get a hard-on every time you hold a kid

Every time you find yourself at birthday parties or family gatherings you simply cannot let go of your nieces and friends kids. This feeling of longing every time you have a child in your arms could be a sign you would be great at having your own kids. You may have confessed to your closest friends that you frequent parks just to watch the kids play. This doesnt make you creepy, just an indicator that you want to be a mommy soon.

Your priorities

Many women are shunned because of choosing their careers over families. Choosing the previous does not make them a horrible person, but a driven woman. If you are willing to lay down a career that you worked and studied so hard for then you are likely to have the mom hormone. Setting aside your career to raise kids is an unbelievable sacrifice that makes most moms happy every single day. A woman who can see this in her future is likely to be the mommy.

Babies do not repulse you

There are some women who would rather take care of puppies instead of a baby. This is because they find babies repulsive and yucky. These feelings are, of course, laughable because babies are adorable to you and you jump with joy at the thought of changing a dirty diaper. Paging Mommy Dearest?

All you think about is settling down

You are the youngest and the oldest you have ever been in your life right now. This puts a bit of pressure on you so you wonder when you will ever find time to find a right man who is financially stable so you can settle down. Once you settle down you will have to spend some time with him before you can have kids. By the time you have kids you will be so old you will not be the coolest mom but rather, the oldest. This makes you eager to find him right now and today before some other eager mommy snatches him up.

If these points describe you then you are definitely packing a butt load of mom gene. There are women who do not experience any of these feelings, but still end up making great moms. Being a mother can be adopted by any woman, but these fun signs can help you evaluate your friends the next time you see them mommy in around!

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