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5 Ways To Stay Warm During Your Work Commute

Let’s face it, the morning commute in the fall and winter can be a real bear. Getting out of bed, getting dressed, and then dragging yourself out to a cold car does not sound like a fun time. Sometimes if you’re headed to places like work or church, you may not have much of a choice in how warm your attire is, as well. Make your drive more pleasant with these five ways to stay warm during your morning commute.

1. Bring an Extra Coat

While it’s always good to have a packable coat in the car in case of emergencies, maybe bring a coat out to the car with you that has been inside your house. This way, you can wear a coat that has been warming inside the house. It’ll keep you warmer and feel much better than a coat that has been stowed away in your car all night long.

2. Don’t Forget your Gloves

If you’ve ever put your hands on a steering wheel in the morning, you know how darn cold they can get. This can make your hands especially cold and cold hands mean less mobility. So, prepare with a set of gloves. Bonus points if they are in the pocket of the coat you’ve had inside since they’ll be warmer. The gloves will help prevent your hands from getting too cold or uncomfortable during the morning drive.

3. Blanket

If your coat isn’t quite enough, or you’re a passenger in the car, you can always bring along a nice warm blanket to put over your legs. For safety reasons, you can’t wrap the blanket fully around yourself. However, using it as a leg warmer when you’re a passenger can help keep you much warmer on your commute. The best thing to do would be to wear a warm set of pants (like corduroy pants) and place the blanket over the top for maximum warmth.

4. A Hat

One of the ways you can lose a lot of heat is through your head. Even If you have a lot of hair, having a cold head and ears can be really uncomfortable. That’s why you should consider wearing a hat on your morning commute. Hats come in many different material types and colors. A few of our favorites are knitted hats and fleece hats. Beanie style hats will also give you a lot more warmth than hats like snapbacks or bucket hats.

5. Wear Layers

One of the best things you can do will help you throughout the day, and not just on your morning commute. Wear your clothes in layers. In seasons such as fall, the weather can be freezing in the morning and hot in the evening. So, layering a short sleeve or lightweight shirt under a sweater or jacket may be just what you need. This guide to layering for fall weather can really help with some creative ideas.

Hopefully this advice will help make your morning commute warmer and much more pleasant. 

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