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5 Ways to Move on After a Medical Malpractice Incident

After going through medical malpractice, your life will be turned upside down. There are long-lasting consequences that you must work through, and this is a journey that will take you to many places. There are five helpful tips to help you while you heal, and these are explored in this guide. 

Launch an Official Complaint

The first step, and the most important one of all, is to make an official complaint about the service you received. This will begin the process of figuring out who is responsible and why what happened, happened. You can do this with the provider that covered your treatment or consultations at the time of the incident. Include all the relevant details like what you think went wrong, and how it has affected your life. 

Change Your Service 

To get the care that you need in the aftermath, you will need to feel comfortable and trust the person in charge of your treatment. This is never easy when you have been through a situation where you feel let down or even harmed in some way. The best course of action, therefore, is to find a new provider as soon as you feel able to do so. Not engaging with treatment is never an option and it will put your health in even more danger. So, talk to family and friends and get some reliable recommendations as to where to go and how to proceed. 

Keep a Record of the Consequences

You should also create a health journal to keep track of the consequences after the malpractice affects your life. This will be helpful when it comes to seeking further consequences and also so that you are able to stay on top of everything that you are going through. Dealing with the stress of negligence in a medical context takes its toll and having a written or typed record of your symptoms, thoughts, feelings, and details about care practitioners is a strong way to keep afloat amongst the admin and demand. 

Speak to a Solicitor

The next step is to seek legal representation, and this is especially relevant if you have not received the response you were hoping for after the complaints procedure has concluded. The hospital or practice may dismiss your concerns, as they will want to avoid accepting liability. However, if you feel like you need justice and need financial support for practical reasons or because of the emotional impact, then speak with experts like P.A.Duffy & Co to see what the best way forward is, Click here to find out more.

Go to Therapy

Finally, make sure you engage with some level of therapeutic intervention to protect your well-being. As you begin to heal, whatever that looks like for you, having professional input will only make it easier. Therapy is there to heal wounds and talk through emotions and traumatic events. This is exactly the right place to be after an incident like medical negligence affects your life. 

Moving on after a medical malpractice incident may feel impossible, but stay strong. You will need to find resilience and motivation to regain control of your life, but it can be done. 

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