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5 Ways to Improve Your Yard With Outdoor Furniture  

In a beautiful state like Colorado, it’s important to have an outdoor space you can enjoy just as much as the indoor comfort of your home. The weather, for the most part, is gorgeous, the mountains provide a beautiful backdrop for many residents along the Front Range, and many native trees of Colorado provide a fresh atmosphere to breathe in the beauty of the Great Outdoors. 

But you can do more with your yard than enjoy the plants that already exist there. To make a full-blown outdoor oasis, you can implement outdoor furniture that is both practical and appealing to the eye. Or, by planting a garden, you not only bring to life a beautiful area for cultivating native flowers, but you also create a lasting project that allows you to enjoy your yard more frequently. It’s like owning a dog—you find yourself going outside more because of it.  

You can get started by searching for “landscape maintenance near me”, or by reading up on the latest outdoor furniture trends and doing it yourself. Forbes outlined some must-have pieces of outdoor furniture in a 2019 article, but for this blog, we’re going to break down five simple ways to improve your yard with simple but effective outdoor furniture pieces

You’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy spending time in your outdoor space if you go the extra mile in decorating it. Keep reading to find out how to take your yard to the next level this year. 

  1. Implement A Fire Pit 

Just because it gets very cold during the winter time, and the days get much shorter, you don’t need to retreat indoors. Implementing a fire pit will provide luxurious comfort to enjoy crisp fall nights with friends and family. It’s perfect for toasting marshmallows or sharing stories around the holidays as well.

But keep in mind, in Denver, the only fire pits that are allowed have to be either propane or natural gas. The open burning of wood, or any material that isn’t propane or natural gas, is strictly prohibited without special permits from both the Denver Department of Environmental Health and the Fire Prevention and Investigation Division. 

But a fire pit can double as a table for warm coffee mugs or a similar function as well. It’s a small addition that will cost you some money upfront but will provide a huge amount of outdoor comfort you didn’t know was possible in your yard. 

  1. Consider An Outdoor Fountain 

Similar to the comfort you get from a crackling fireplace, an outdoor fountain brings soothing, bubbling water that brings tranquility to your space. This is perfect for enjoying a good book outdoors and provides an appealing atmosphere to relax by yourself, to escape from the craziness that sometimes exists in the household, particularly if you have kids, and acts as a great centerpiece for an outdoor get-together. 

Plus, most outdoor fountains recirculate their water, so your water bill won’t be astronomical and you won’t be wasteful with your water. If you wish, you can create a fish pond as well, creating a fun hobby for yourself and adding diversity to your yard. It’s a good way to attract more wildlife to your yard as well, so be wary of that. But overall, it provides a warm, calming ambiance to enjoy your yard and relax. 

  1. Plant A Native Garden 

Planting a native garden will not only beautify your yard with plants that are meant to reside and thrive in the state, but they’ll also give you a new purpose and perspective in appreciating your outdoor space. This is a really fun, sustainable way to breathe more life into your yard. You can plant native flowers, vegetables and peppers, and more to add to your kitchen in a natural and rewarding way. 

This is good for your neighborhood’s environment and can create a sustainable example for your neighbors to potentially follow. It’s good for local bugs, wildlife, plant life, and air quality. Plus, it’s just a fun personal project that rewards you with beautiful views and fresh produce if you grow vegetables. 

  1. Construct a Backyard Swing or Patio 

Upgrading your sitting and lounging options is the perfect catalyst for getting outside to enjoy your outdoor space more. A backyard swing, such as a patio swing that hangs down or even a tire swing from a tree limb, provides a more fun way to take in your space than a simple chair or couch. But if you’re going all in, a patio can be the most versatile way to beef up your outdoor furniture setup. 

You can add a table and chairs, a fire pit, a cornhole set, a grill, and so much more. This is a fun project to bring out your creative design side. With so many options for materials, designs, and additions, a patio elevates every aspect of your outdoor space. 

  1. Diversify Ways to Lounge Outside 

Try implementing different options for sitting and lounging while outside. Have some chairs around a table to enjoy an outdoor meal. Have some lounge chairs available to soak up the sun on a beautiful day. Consider hanging a hammock if you have trees to support it. Try an outdoor couch for a fun change. 

You want to be able to enjoy your outdoor space in a variety of different ways. You may want to get some work done outside with an upright chair and a table for your laptop, or you might want to kick back and relax with a nice book in a lounge chair. Having options will allow you to perceive your space in a variety of ways, and provide several different places for guests and visitors to sit and enjoy it as well. 

Final Word 

Once you realize the full potential of your outdoor space by adding new and exciting pieces of furniture, you’ll find yourself enjoying your yard year-round, and finding new ways to enjoy it as well. While some of these options are more expensive than others, you’ll be happy with having options both indoors and outdoors. 

Spending time outside is great for your mood, and can help you get some work done if you work from home. Make it a comforting oasis for you and anyone who comes to visit, so it can perfectly fit any function you want it to serve. 

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