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5 TV Show Drama’s On TV You Will Probably Love

“We all have our favorite dramas on television that we watch. But did you know there are a lot of great shows out there that you’re probably missing? Check out this guide to all the entertainment dramas on tv. Who knows, one of these could end up being your all time favorite!

Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch fire takes a look at the world of technology before iPhones were ubiquitous. This highly stylized drama takes place in the Silicon Prairie of Texas in the eighties. Created by Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers, the series starts off with Lee Pace’s character Joe Macmillan, a visionary, assembling his team, which includes defeated programmer and engineer Gordon(played by Scoot McNairy) and computer prodigy and general anarchist punk, Cameron(played by Mackenzie Davis). AMC has a great cast and a great show in this drama, and the personal and professional struggles are unfolded like a piece of origami as the team strives to create a computer that will take the market and the tech world“ by storm.

The Mindy Project

Okay, while not technically a drama, this show is filled with dramatic moments all the time in the midst of Mindy Kaling’s fictional, bubbly medical practice. Don’t expect to see tense moments constantly like on ER, though: Mindy’s main character mainly comes in to do births and the like. The rest of the screen time is reserved for she and the supporting characters personal lives and dilemmas. The real star of the show is her love interest, Danny Castellano, a conservative, street wise doctor who enjoys griping about life. With an all star supporting cast, The Mindy Project is both dramatic and hilarious, all at once.

House of Cards

House of Cards was the newest show to take Netflix to the next level, and the risk paid off. The show is helmed by Kevin Spacey, who plays Congressman Frank Underwood. Underwood has a number of skills, including manipulation and usury. He can play people with such skill that his goal of revenge on the president for not being named Secretary of State unfolds into a stealthy plan that just might work. This includes launching a smear campaign after his replacement Secretary choice; making sure the nomination goes down before confirmation; suggesting another candidate; setting up an education bill, and more. Spacey is perfect as the despicable, strategizing Congressman that you’ll almost find yourself rooting for him to carry it off.


An American remake of the UK hit Broadchurch, this series attempts to take the popularity of the show across the pond to see how it fares in the states. The UK was entranced by Broadchurch, helmed by David Tennant. Tennant is back for Gracepoint, paired with Anna Gunn of Breaking Bad as his partner. The two are investigating a murder in a town where everyone seems to have motives to carry it out. Everyone is a suspect. Airing on FOX and helmed by Anya Epstein and Dan Futterman, this show will keep viewers tied to the screen and wanting more as the story unfolds.


The Coen brothers had a hit with their 1996 cult classic movie Fargo, and now it’s coming to the small screen. This time, Deputy Molly Solverson must investigate a crime in the sleepy town of Bemidiji, Minnesota. With different characters and a new plot, the television show is inspired by the movie but not a carbon copy. This FX show is written by Noah Hawley and has a great cast, including Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Allison Tolman, Bob Odenkirk, Joey King, Kate Walsh and Oliver Platt. The Coen brothers endorse this show, and the dry humor and the drama remains the same. Check out Fargo and see what you’ve been missing!”

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