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5 Awesome Tips To Overcome a Stressful Experience of Writing a Case Study

Studying is a responsible period that takes a lot of effort and energy, but most of all, students are exhausted by writing such projects as case studies when they have to demonstrate the quality of mastering the completed course, compliance with formal requirements, and current training. Moreover, as practice shows, the most exciting time is the night before submitting case studies.

The feeling of stress is common to every person. But if you want to avoid it, it is better to get help on EssayShark. It is a writing service where professional writers work. They can help you to deal with case study writing much more efficiently. 

Today, we will talk about the specifics of student stress associated with writing a case study.

Writing Stress: What Are Students Most Afraid of? 

As part of their daily learning activities, students do not attach importance to many factors and things. The monotonous and habitual pace of immersion in the subject and approach to mastering the material predetermines success in writing a case study. But the closer to the deadline, the scarier it becomes for a student. Moreover, such a reaction is completely justified and normal for every person. 

As a case study submission approaches, students are initially overcome by simple excitement and anxiety, which intensifies over time with the approaching deadline and develops into more serious forms: fear, panic, stress, depression, etc. 

Stress is characteristic of every student: both an inveterate crammer and a know-it-all, as well as a poor student or a lazy person. It is a rare individual who manages to escape from this feeling. 

What do students stress about most before writing a case study? What fears haunt them? One of the most common fears among students is the fear of failure and the appearance of academic debt, which instantly rhymes or is associated in the minds of students with expulsion from college or university. Most often, this phobia occurs in two categories of students: individuals who are unsure of their own abilities, as well as inveterate truants.

The second type of student fear is the fear of additional questions when defending their case studies. Even if a student has a perfect command of the material and a topic covered and knows how to correctly complete any task and how to answer every question, they are still afraid of additional questions. In this case, the phobia affects the comfort zone and self-confidence; the student fears that they will be taken by surprise or asked exactly the question that causes difficulties for the individual (in perception, in providing a full answer, raises doubts or there are gaps in knowledge, etc.).

The third fear is the fear of criticism. A barrage of leading or additional questions about the case study topic can plunge the student into panic and depression. They will be led astray not just from the right or correct path but in general. It doesn’t matter what kind of criticism comes to the student. Its result can be unpredictable and dangerous.

5 Methods of dealing with the stressful experience of writing a case study 

A student who is confident in their own abilities can overcome any barrier and provide a quality case study, but a student overwhelmed by stress is powerless. Below, we will present the most common ways to eliminate stressful experiences. 

  1. Option #1. Get writing help. If you feel too much stress because of case study writing, it is better to ask for help. Research paper writers can help you with your paper quickly. Moreover, you will be sure that your case study is of high quality. 
  2. Option #2. Attack or action. Attack has long been considered the most effective method of defense in any matter. That is, it is important not to let someone conquer the fortress but to start doing it first. In a student’s war against stress, this principle applies 100%. The main thing is to completely immerse yourself in the task, be distracted to a minimum, choose specific tactics and a preparation plan, and not think once again about the upcoming defense. It is important to do something useful, change types of activities, and not give the body time and energy to feel stress. Believe us, competent, clearly planned rest will not allow anxiety and stress to enter the body.
  3. Option #3. Gaining positive experience and the method of associations. Agree that every person in life has difficulties, inconsistencies, and problems, which are overcome by faith in one’s own strength, readiness to reach new heights, etc. It is important not only to overcome all obstacles but also to remember this moment, to “temper and recharge” with it, and to motivate yourself with these achievements when encountering new difficulties. Positive experience and the method of associations can increase self-confidence, improve mood, and significantly increase the chances of a favorable outcome with your case study. Remember, thoughts are material. 
  4. Option #4. Sedative and psychosomatics. If a student already knows their body and understands that they cannot cope with phobias on their own, then they can resort to the use of harmless, safe sedatives (mostly plant-based and without a sedative effect). The main thing is to know if you have an allergic reaction to any component. If you approach the selection of this medication thoroughly and competently, then it is advisable to contact several specialists at once: a neurologist will help you choose drug therapy, a psychologist or psychoanalyst will help you understand yourself, identify the true cause of stress and overcome this illness with the help of psychosomatics (once and for all). 
  5. Option #5. Defense rehearsal. As a rule, stress arises from the background of a specific situation or the unknown. Such serious gaps can be eliminated with the help of a banal rehearsal. To do this, it is enough to imagine yourself in the audience and defend your case study, attend consultations before the defense, come to the university, and try to improvise the situation in a free room, etc. Frequent participation in various events with public speaking will also help make the defense easier: scientific conferences, colloquiums, business games and quests, etc. It is important not to suppress stress but to conquer it!

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