Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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5 Tips on Getting Rid off Bad Stuff in Your Life

“We all have habits, addictions whatever it is that you want to call them which effects on our health. Stuff in our life that isnt great but is hard to give up. Lets talk about this stuff and how you can work towards getting rid of it, once and for all.

Eating junk food

If you are prone to ordering takeaways often and stuffing yourself with food laden with fat and sugar its time to stop. This kind of habit is probably making you gain weight and it is definitely harming you on the inside. The odd takeaway is completely fine, we all need a treat from time to time, but you need to make it so that you eat healthy as much as possible. Learn to love new foods and cooking, you might be surprised how therapeutic it is. You dont need to count calories, its all about making better choices like switching greasy burgers for grilled chicken. Start drinking more water and eat more fruit, you will soon see the difference to your skin and beyond.

Alcohol consumption

You might not even realize you are doing it, but drinking too much alcohol can seriously damage your life. Even if you only drink one or twice a week, it is the AMOUNT that you should be taken note of and not just how often you are doing it. Many people drink to boost their confidence but try and find other things that make you happy with yourself. If your alcohol problems go further than the odd binge, consider joining the AA or another support group. Just remember that you can have a good time without alcohol, you will be improving your health, your bank balance and your dignity.

Bad relationships

We all surround ourselves with people who are not good for us from time to time, whether that be friends or partners. If somebody talks down to you, makes you feel like shit.etc. they do not care about you, they are trying to control you. This type of emotional manipulation will only get worse and there is only one way to sever these relationships and that is to tell them you are done with them. You will be surprised how much happier you are when you only surround yourself with positive people.


Ever set yourself a task and fail to complete it until you absolutely have to? We all do it, procrastination is rife these days especially with all the distractions that are around. A way to tackle procrastination is to make yourself a to do list every morning. Set yourself rules, like I can not watch tv or can not surf the internet until everything on the list is completed. This could be anything from cleaning your home to paying your bills. There is no bigger self of satisfaction than crossing everything off the list and feeling like you have done something productive with your time.

Spending money

If you are a spendaholic and want things to change, it is possible. To live within your means, first of all you have to know your incomings and outgoings. Work things out how much you have left every month to spend on just you and stick to this budget. You can save money by shopping for cheaper utilities, groceries and cutting down on luxuries for a while. Once you see your money going into a savings pot rather than being spent, the feeling is euphoric.

The secret to getting over pretty much all bad habits is putting a plan into action and sticking to it. With every day that passes, the new things that you are doing will make you see how detrimental the bad stuff was. So make a start to improving your life today by making good decisions.”

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