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5 Tips for Online Dating in the Age of Technology

“Blind dates sure arent what they used to be. Online dating has made stranger-dating the new normal, while social networking, cell phones, IMing, and texting have yielded all sorts of unintended consequences.

No accountability.

In the past, a third party arranged the meeting, which created accountability. You cant be a complete jerk to your friends coworkers brother, as it will get back to your friend. Despite years of trying to achieve netiquette standards, nobodys figured out how to enforce courtesy or honesty in the global village.

A shocking lack of effort

on online dates because the pool is so large. This also has to do with the lack of accountability, but the sheer volume of dates and date possibilities leads to poor behaviour. Â The old adage theres plenty of other fish in the sea

has never been more apparent!

Perpetually connected means perpetually available.

With a phone that calls, texts, e-mails and even GPS-tracks, you never have to call it a nightfor entertainment. While it great to be in touch with someone even when you are operating on different busy schedules, its also a little overwhelming to be able to know everything about a person before you even meet them. Â On top of that, with apps like Tinder, you literally have 100 of guys at your fingertips.

All your tech makes you more stalkable.

A guy can know your favourite movies, places to eat, hobbies, and even how hot your friends are. Watch your back, ladies! This could be bad (in a stalker-ish way), or great (when he plans an adorable first date around the things he knows you will love).

Committing to a realistic, flawed human being seems more like settling.

Romantic ideals have been around since fairytale princes/princesses were first imagined. But there’s something about writing down What im Looking For that makes it official. You have put it out in the world; you have intimidated everyone who does not measure up; you may even believe that you could not possibly be happy with a man who makes less than 50 grand or stands short of 6 feet tall. It’s important to remember that even though we are often reading/watching/listening to all sorts of amazing stories about perfect men everywhere, that men are just as human as we are!”

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