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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy RV Solar Panels

Converting to solar as an RV user can sometimes feel discouraging. Is this just a fad? Is it doable? Isn’t it just as expensive as my generator? These are legitimate questions, but we’re here to answer all of them.

Keep reading if you’re interested in discovering these answers and seeing why there’s nothing to worry about in converting to solar.

Solar Panels Allow You to Camp in More Remote Areas

The beauty of putting solar panels on your RV is the fantastic feeling of being free from being tethered to hookups! You don’t have to be crowded by a dozen other RVs fighting for manicured campsite amenities. What kind of camping trip is that?

With solar panels, you can explore, and if you’re a boondocker who thrives on camping in more undeveloped areas, you should be jumping for joy right now. 

Think of all the different sights other RV campers never get to see and miss out on that would be more available to you with panels! What better way to rediscover what made you choose RVing to begin with? That is, seeing incredible sights. You didn’t choose this lifestyle just to see the superhighways, right?

Maybe you’re someone who chose to live on the open road but is sick and tired of looking up hookups online, assuming you can even find wi-fi. With solar panels, you wouldn’t have to do that all the time!

To be fair, you may still need to look up restrooms so that you don’t use up your RV’s water supply, but at least that’s not an electrical problem.

Solar Panels are Cost Effective

Speaking of electrical problems, everyone who has been using an RV for any length of time can tell you exactly what one of the pet peeves of RV campers is: the costs.

  • Camping fees
  • Generator fuel
  • Generator maintenance

Depending on how premium the park you stop at is, you could be paying $17 – $65 per night, which adds up quickly. Meanwhile, propane generator fuel can cost $4/lbs, and maintaining them can cost between $500 and $2000 per issue!

And when you aren’t staying in an RV park, how quickly are you going through your power supply? It doesn’t take long for the power to run dry after charging everyone’s phones, laptops, the refrigerator, dishwasher, AC, heater, coffee maker, and (if you have them), a washing machine & dryer.

With the right solar panels for your needs, you can eliminate the costs of keeping up your power supply. Don’t worry if you can’t afford precisely the wattage you need. You can be partial solar too. There are lots of panels to help you get that far, such as

Solar Panels are Silent

If you’ve been using a propane generator up to this point, then you’re probably afraid of silence! It’s so loud when the generator is gone, and you hear it for the first time. We all know that those generators are so noisy that RV parks have rules about them. Namely, how early you can turn them on in the morning and how late you can have them on at night. 

It is considerate of others to follow these rules, but they can be inconvenient too. What are you supposed to do when something happens while you’re traveling and arrive at a park late at night? Maybe all you want is a hot cup of tea before bed, but you can’t use your tea/coffee maker because you have to turn off your generator. 

With solar energy, you can almost sneak into the park, and, with permission from the park’s management, you might get away with using some of your utilities after hours. Besides, how nice would it be to enjoy your mornings and evenings without that obnoxious noise drowning everything else?

Solar Panel Installation & Maintenance is Easy

RV solar panels might be initially expensive with first their price, but they immediately start paying for themselves when you can eliminate buying propane. Not just that, but you don’t have to call a specialist for their maintenance, which only has to be done once every 6 months.

To be fair, RV solar panel installation can be costly, ranging from $1000 – $10,000. The costs will vary based on how many panels you want to install and everything needed to attach those panels to your RV, such as:

  • Bolts and screws
  • Mounting brackets
  • Solar connectors
  • Spanner wrench
  • Weatherproof cable entry plates (to protect against the elements)
  • Wire crimpers

When this happens, the best RV solar panels to buy are the ones that come in kits, just like this one from Renogy for only $800! They are much more cost-effective, and you can install them yourself! You also get a gift using this link – a 12000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank.

There are RV Solar Panels for Everyone’s Needs

You and other RV drivers will have specific needs from your solar panels. Maybe you only want to be partially solar and want a 240W Foldable Solar Panel Kit from Acopower. That would allow you to charge up even while in the shade.

Or, maybe you want to be fully solar and opt for the 8 200w Monocrystalline solar panel kit. Solar panel companies like Renogy, Newpowa, Acopower, and others have panels for every need, and Solar Paradice has all of the best RV solar panels in one place. 


In short, you don’t have anything to lose in switching to solar if you calculate what you need carefully. Remember that solar panels don’t last forever and that you must find a responsible way of disposing of them when it gets to that point. Many electrical parts can be collected and their components and materials harvested.

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