Saturday, December 3, 2022

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5 Reasons Every Woman Needs Girlfriends

“Every woman who has a set of best friends will tell you that she feels incomplete without them. Friendships are reported to make you happier, emotionally stronger and better able to go through life. Every woman needs to have girlfriends. If you find that you cannot relate to this, here’s why you may be missing out big.

Total vulnerability

Is there someone in this world who appreciates you for who you are behind all the makeup, short dresses and designer heels? Your best friends sure do! These ladies are willing to have you as you are in your granny pajamas and messy hair. They will still love you even if you can’t hop into a shower to get rid of that stink you have acquired. Every lady who has experienced this knows I am right.

No judgment

Your girlfriends will never judge you no matter what you do. This involves crawling back to your man or having sex with an ex. They will always be there to support you and see you as you are. They are not there to point out your mistakes, but encourage you to make some in order to learn. Having a best friend you can call late at night and just talk to them about that boy you cannot stop thinking about is literally heaven on earth.

Complete relaxation

You could spend a whole morning in silence surrounded by your best friends and that would still end up being your best morning ever. This is because the mere presence of your girlfriends takes your mood from 0 to infinity. The love is usually strongly felt and shown whenever one of your friends passes you a bagel or the gossip column.


Best friends are the most honest people ever. They will tell you the bangs are a bad idea and will tell you they do not like your new boyfriend. Such raw honesty is usually rare in our world today. These girls are the only people you can always trust to give you an opinions because you know they are speaking from the heart. You can expect your best friend never to end up kissing your behind because she doesn’t secretly want to have sex with you.

Boy talk

We girls need a place to vent and rant about the boys in our life. This venting keeps us sane. Whether he is eager to please you in bed or he is an arrogant slob your girls will always be there to listen to you. No boy topic can ever be boring among a group of best friends. Talking about our crushes or the guys we hope to bang gives us a pleasant sensation that we hope will never end.

Never hesitate to be selective when it comes to picking out your girlfriends. These are the people you will end up sharing most of your life with. You can expect to grow old with them and organize play dates for each others kids. A plus is that they never break your heart and are not eager to dump you after a first date. Every woman needs some best friends.”

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