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5 Places to See Before You Die

“We all have bucket lists and if your’e interested in traveling, then there are probably some locations you want to visit before you die. From the unusual to the amazing, we have compiled a list of five places to see before you die so be sure to add these to your bucket list.

Easter Island, Chile

This is one of the most remote islands in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the visit. Easter Island has 887 monolithic heads and is a one of the most puzzling places for historians. While only a small island in the Pacific Ocean, you will find travel here to be both awe-inspiring and beguiling.

The Berlin Wall, Germany

The Berlin Wall was the place for one of the most defining moments in history when it was torn down in 1989 after three decades of dividing Germany. Hundreds of people died crossing it and the barrier is remembered for what it was at the time. There are two major sections still standing today which feature colorful murals and an exhibition about the wall. Take a trip to recent history and view this amazing wall.

The Venice Canals, Italy

If there were a romantic place in the world, we certainly wouldn’t know about it. But although many places have tried to recreate the famous canals of Venice, none have succeeded. This floating city features famed gothic palazzos, bohemian shops, and lazy cafes where you can spend days. The engineering marvel along with a marble masterpiece makes this site a definite must see so plan out your trip here because it won’t be here forever.

The Colosseum, Rome

Completed in just 80 AD, the Colosseum remains the largest ampitheater in the world even 2,000 years later. It serves not only as an architectural achievement, but also a testament to the prowess of the Roman Empire. From gladiatorial combat to huge celebrations, you won’t want to miss a look back in time to early history. Travel here to truly experience what life was like in the earliest years of recorded history.

The Great Wall of China, China

The Great Wall of China is such a grand monument that it snakes is way through the people’s republic for more than 12 thousand miles. The historic and strategic importance is only overshadowed by the architectural significance of this monument. Though you’ll have to make a long trip to visit this location, each area of the wall has its own story to tell and gives each visitor a look at the famous dynasties of China.

Some of these locations may not be easy to visit, so you’ll have to plan out your trips strategically to see them all. However, be assured that every spot is a must-see and well worth the time and effort to visit. Remember also that each spot may not be around for future generations to enjoy, so you’ll want to plan out your trip sooner rather than later. These beautiful locations reflect the amazing advances and history of human culture and imagination, so you’ll be inspired by your visit.”

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