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5 Perks of Dating a Single Dad

Some women consider dating a single guy as a bit of a challenging task. You may think of him being too burdened with his kids and think that all that drama may be easy to avoid. The truth is that forming a relationship with a single father does have some advantages and entertainment. They are discussed below.

He overlooks the superficial

Single dads usually look beyond the makeup, tight dress and pretty face. These men want to form a deeper relationship with you. They want to understand you on an emotional as well as human level. It is one of the ways they use to gauge whether you would be a good mom to their kids. This is a nice shift from all those jerks you had been dating who just want to get in your pants. However, donâ’t get it twisted. The single dad wants to get in your pants too, but at least he wants to know you and your ambitions first.

Nurturing and sensitive abilities

These dads usually have an amazing ability to show care to their kids and women they date as well. He is the kind of guy that can connect with you easily and form a great friendship. This man respects you and is not likely to pull the all-time favorite hit and run on you. Just as he takes care of his child, he will end up taking care of you.

Serious about relationships

Single fathers are usually very serious when it comes to getting into relationships. He is not likely to waste time with you if he doesn’t see a future with you. He has developed this attitude because he is not only evaluating you as a mate, but as the future stepmother of his child. These men usually express their feelings easily making them more likely to express dislike for something, or you, clearly.

High level of maturity

These dads are usually very mature and willing to take up responsibility when they do something wrong. Yeah, honey, you read it right! A man who is willing to admit his mistakes is a rare sight to see. You can expect no childish dating games when you choose this one. He doesn’t believe in disappearing acts in the middle of the night or an empty bed in the morning. He will always tell you he has to go or just leave you a simple note. A big plus is that the latter comes without some money on the dresser too!

Gives you a chance to nurture his kids

When you date a single father you are also dating his kids. You need to form relationships with them because their opinion matters when it comes to who is dating their dad. He will always seek their approval first because it is his kids that are most important to him. This one is tricky because you need to always go simple with the children. Trying too hard makes you look crazy. Try and be more of a friend than mom to them.

All these benefits will make you happy all through your relationship with a single father. Try and make the most of it and understand he needs to make time for his children. Always make sure you are getting something out of it and not just being taken for a ride.

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