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5 Neat Tricks to Save Money This Christmas

“Contrary to what most people think, you don’t really have to go all out to make the holidays special. There are so many creative ways you can come up with to save money. Christmas happens on a single day so if you think about it, you really don’t have to fuss and make it a big deal. The following ways will show you how you can save a buck this entertainment holiday.

Cut some people off

It is not necessary to give every person you have ever met in your life a gift. Limit your gift list to friends and close family members this time round. You and your friends can also declare a no gift giving season this year. People who don’t remember your name, secretly hate you at work or one time acquaintances could do without a gift this year. Your pockets will thank you.

Dont stock too much food

A common mistake people make is cooking way too much food for their holiday lunch or dinner. Consider that it is just one day and everyone there has probably had that same meal before. Your guests probably will not clear their plates making it a total waste of money and time for you. Never mind that old lady you cursed because she was trying to get her hands on the last turkey available. List down the items you need for food when shopping to save you money this holiday.

eBay anyone?

this may be a bit clich, but eBay is just a treasure hunt waiting for eager explorers. You can find toys that have been loved delicately and are now being given to the next eager kid. It is absolutely likely that you will find them in good condition that would be perfect for your kids. You can find cheap bargains, unique variety and sweet treasures among trash.


Your kids may pester you to buy them a super expensive gift that you know you cannot afford. Write them an IOU to show them that you are willing to buy it for them, but at a later time. this is a total win-win situation for you because they may end up forgetting all about it.

Make your own cards

Instead of buying a card for each and every one this year you may consider making your own. You could cut up old Christmas cards and create total new ones, use your kid’s artwork as a greeting card or cut up comic sections. You may consider buying some manila paper, cut out small pieces and reinvent them. Painting them, coloring them or drawing something on them will make them look just as good as greeting card.

Wrap it up!

Kids love to unwrap gifts as much as they love to see what’s inside. Use large cardboard boxes this Christmas to disguise crappy gifts. Get fancy with the wrapping and make it as attractive and beautiful as possible. Store the cardboard boxes this year so that you can use them next year. Future you will thank you next year when you don’t have to buy more boxes.

This year, forget about spending money on people you don’t know or food you won’t eat. Put in these neat tricks which will save you the agony of making expenses you will regret in 2015. Have a good time as you save money and have yourself a Merry Christmas!”

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