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5 Fun Things You Can Do in Bed That Isn’t Sex

“Married couples or couples who live together may not choose to have sex everyday because it can get monotonous (and really tiring). Coming up with activities you can do together, within the space you call home, to maintain the spark and still keep the sexual tension alive can be difficult. How can you do anything else in bed except sleep and have sex and still manage to have fun? The following are 5 fun things all couples should try.

Watch porn together

If you are conservative about porn it’s about time you ditched your attitude. Get out of your comfort zone and purchase some porn for you and your man to watch together. It is a sexy learning experience for the both of you as you get to see what positions you can try out next time you have sex. No man will be disappointed by a porn treat. This time will give you a chance to tell your man what you’re into. You will definitely see how good his listening skills are the next time you make love.

Give each other massages

This activity is not only sensual and relaxing, but also a great show of love. After your man comes home complaining about his long day lay him on the bed and take his clothes off. Light some candles and play some soft music to relax him. Get out your soothing oils and rub his back and his feet. This will be an absolute tension reliever for him.

Feed each other

Food is definitely on the list of everyone’s entertainment things to do. However, don’t do anything messy like honey or maple syrup. Stick with something like grapes or strawberries. Feed them to him and give him a chance to feed you too. Once in a while you can have some champagne or wine to go with the grapes. If you’re feeling like having something other than fruit you can always try pizza. This is sure to be something he will like.


Talking may be an activity you rarely have time for because of both of your busy schedules. Slip into bed and talk about each other’s day, your plans for the weekend, that annoying co-worker or anything that deserves a hearty laugh. Try and include some pillow talk and just tell him you love him. This will be a perfect end to a stressful sexless day.

Read to him

Try writing an erotic story and read it to him in bed the next time you want an alternative to sex. This will need you to tap into your creative writing skills and your man will definitely not be disappointed. Erotic fiction is a great way to express your desires and sexual needs that he will be willing to fulfill. Love poems could also work if you’re looking to express your feelings.

These fun things are not only fun, but also intimate. They are a great way for a couple to continue strengthening their bond and relationship. The next time both of you aren’t in the mood you can just chill and take up any of these activities for a perfect night.”

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