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5 Fun Ideas for Date Night with the Girls

“A date night with the girls must be the thing you have been looking forward to all week, It is usually an good lifestyle. Reuniting with your girlfriends and being surrounded by the people who love you unconditionally must be one of the best feelings in the world. You may want to have a gathering of your best friends and do something different and unique. The following fun ideas are some options you may be willing to consider.

Game night

There is nothing like a set of monopoly or poker to keep things energized on girls night. Throw in some snacks and you have a simple, memorable and fun experience at hand. You can also turn things up a notch and have a secret prize up for grabs. This is the best kind of entertainment as you get to see how competitive people can really be and get to laugh through it all.

Go rollerblading

Picture this: your girlfriends and you rollerblading hand in hand with no care in the world. It would be hilarious to see the clumsy floozy of the group take a tumble or two. Make sure to have your camera handy since you’re going to be making tons of memories that night. If this doesn’t seem like an appealing activity, you can always choose to go ice skating.

Movie marathon

There is nothing we ladies love more than a romantic movie night surrounded by our best friends. If you and your friends are not into romantic movies you can always choose another genre you all agree on. Choose a collection of movies, dress in your pajamas and lay blankets, throws and pillows all over the living room as you have your movie marathon. Have some popcorn and soda as snacks and the lights low and voila! You have a movie night complete.

Go clubbing

Once in a while, it is extremely exhilarating to dress up and go out and tease all the guys that can’t have you and your diva friends. Make sure you and your best friends are all looking fierce and sexy. Pick date night to go out dancing and party the whole night away! This will be a tremendously fun experience that you will remember for years to come. Make sure to take a lot of drunken selfies while at it!

Swap meet

Organize for everyone to bring clothes they want to swap with the rest of the gang. The rule is that everyone must come with an item they are willing to give away. Make things interesting during the swap and meet by adding wine, gossip and a box of tissues to the party. Every gang has that one girl who will end up in tears by the end of the night. Make sure she is the least juiced since we all know how alcohol can make a girl emotional.

All of these ideas work differently for different groups of women. Choose one for date night to cut the monotony of staying in with the girls. Sometimes, new experiences make friendships stronger. Work on one of these ideas and see your girl thank you for your stroke of genius.”

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