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5 Dates Your Boyfriend Will Love

Going on dates with your boyfriend is a fun way to connect and enjoy life together. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find things to do together. You may have gotten used to doing the same old things just because you can’t think of any new things to do together. Here are five dates that you can go on together that your boyfriend will love. Sometimes it’s nice to do things that he really will enjoy too. Hitting up the mall together is just not a good date!

1. Go To A Beer Festival

Going to a beer festival is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy yourself. You get to witness the fresh air and the sunshine, and oh yeah, grab a couple samples of the newest and coolest types of beer. Vendors of craft beer and the mainstream labels will be there, offering you little cups of their newest stuff and full cups of whatever beer you would like! It’s a great way to try new beers and just enjoy yourself, having fun together doing something you both love: drinking well crafted beers!

2. Play Laser Tag

Laser tag is a fun way to connect together as well as get some exercise. It will definitely bring out the kid in your boyfriend, the one who loves running around like crazy and playing games. You may see your boyfriend transformed into a little kid, but that’s okay because he’ll be having a great time. Pair up together or play against the other, seeing who can shoot the other the most and win the game! It’s a fun way to get out and have a unique date.

3. Go On A Hike

Going on a hike is fun for guys.They like being outside and being outdoors at all times, whenever possible. That’s because humans are meant to be out in nature, but also because guys like feeling like they are getting stuff done. It beats sitting on the couch! So lace up your hiking boots or best multipurpose shoes and get out there for a hike. He’ll love that you’re out in nature, together!

4. Go See An Action Movie

Sure, you go to the movies, but do you often go to an action movie? Yeah, it rarely happens. Ladies tend to domineer the movie selection, and while that doesn’t mean going to a rom com every single time you hit the theaters, it does mean that you both tend to see a movie that you both want to see. So for a change, go see an action movie. He’ll love that you tried!

5. Hang Out With Dogs

You can offer to watch a friend’s dog and then go to the park with it and play! Or just go for a walk. Either way, guys love spending time with dogs. Pack a picnic for the park and take that puppy out for a walk! They’ll bond and he’ll love spending quality time with an animal. It seems weird, but hey. They always say, a dog is a man’s best friend. Test out the theory and have a cute, laid back date.

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