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5 Cool Body Areas for a Tattoo

“Deciding to get a tattoo may be easy, but the choice on what area of the body is most suitable may become challenging. You don’t want to get inked and have everyone go Wow! What a weird tat and neither do you want to get one that won’t grab anyone’s attention. The following regions are great for tattoos:

Your wrist

Something small and subtle could become cute and noticeable. This one is an extremely popular location for many women, including female celebrities like Jessica Alba and Rihanna. This tattoo swerves as something you would want to look at every single day as a motivational reminder or just something that makes you laugh. Small tats such as infinity rings or love hearts are usually popular among lovers. Don’t go tattooing your boyfriend’s name here if your relationship has no future.

Back shoulder

Can someone say sexy? This area is perfect for a tat that you can rock with a low cut dress to give it full exposure. Other ladies will be green with envy when they see your flirtatious top paired with a sexy tat on your back. It’s the kind of thing people can’t stop staring at and end up talking about all through the party. But remember, tastes change and sometimes the choice of a tattoo may lose its appeal. If that ever happens, you can always turn to professional Brisbane tattoo removal services to help restore your skin’s natural appearance, without taking away any of your innate allure.

The rib cage

This rib is very intimate and has quickly risen to be one of the most popular body regions for a tat. Many female celebrities have some ink on their rib. This is such a versatile location and works with big or small tats. If you’re looking to get an inspirational quote, get it here! If you fancy something small like Rihanna’s revolver, get one here too. Wear a low top to expose your sexy tattoo and you can be sure it will be an attention grabber.


A small tat on your ankle can make such a big impact if you wear it correctly. It will look close to perfect when worn with a sexy pair of heels. Small and simple will go through an epic transformation and be the attention getter at the party. When you go with this one, be sure that some people will forget your face, but remember that sexy ink you were rocking.

Pelvic area

This must be the sexiest body part for some ink for a good style. For all the weirdos who are stretching this, let me assure you that I mean nowhere near the vajay-jay. A tattoo right below your stomach and slightly above the bikini line spells sexiness, confidence and is provocative. It is slightly hidden such that only the keen lookers will get a treat of their life. Most people agree this is an extremely sensual area and the guys consider it a major turn on when a woman has a small but noticeable tat here.

These are 5 of the most basic yet extremely noticeable regions of a female body. They would be perfect for your first, second or third tattoos. Get one today and rock it with all the sexiness and confidence you have. These regions also work perfect if you’re looking to have something private for yourself.”

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