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5 Apps to Help Keep Your Road Trip on Track

  1. OpenTalk
  2. Jackpot Party
  3. 2048
  4. Sand Draw Sketch
  5. GasBuddy

A road trip is one of the most exciting types of vacation you can take. More than just a holiday, if done right it can be a real journey of discovery.

Every road trip has its downtimes as well though. These might be due to a traffic jam or just because you are traveling through a less than thrilling stretch at the time.

That is when having some form of distraction will come in very useful. Apps that can be downloaded to your phone before leaving are ideal for that and will stop you resorting to less healthy alternatives to stave off travel boredom.

Prepare for your next road trip by adding these five fun and helpful apps.

1. OpenTalk

Android Apps by Opentalk Live Audio Chat: Make new friend App on Google Play

One of the reasons that many people choose road trips for their vacations is the chance to meet new people. Well, if you have the OpenTalk app on your phone you can be doing that even when you are stuck in traffic or somewhere remote and uninhabited.

It is designed to let you link up online with different people from anywhere in the world. You could easily find yourself chatting with somebody in India or England – you never know.

Not only will it stop you suffering boredom during slack moments on your trip, it will also add a global dimension to the experience.

2. Jackpot Party

Jackpot Party Casino Slots – Apps on Google Play

Gaming is a great way to pass a bit of time when there is nothing exciting to see out the window. There are a lot of games apps that can be added to a phone as part of road trip preparation, but Jackpot Party is something a bit different.

Another great thing about this kind of casino app is the bonuses for new players. For instance, the Jackpot Party free coins one lets people who have just started using the app potentially claim as many as 6 million free coins as a welcome bonus.

This is a casino gaming app, meaning you can play things like slots on it. The games are all free, so you can’t win any money on them but the range of themes means there’s hours of fun available.

Some of the popular slots include Forbidden Dragons, Invaders: Planet Moolah and Zeus II. It has everything from themed games to progressive ones though, so there is something to suit you whether the jackpot or the game itself is your main priority.

3. 2048

2048 - Apps on Google Play

There are few things more mind numbing than traffic jams, but road trips sometimes make them unavoidable. You might not be able to escape the traffic, but you can keep your brain from freezing if you have 2048 on your phone.

This is a puzzle app that involves using some basic math knowledge to complete the task. Maybe math doesn’t sound like the most fun thing to be doing during your trip, but the game is a surprisingly absorbing one.

It presents you with a bunch of tiles all of which have different numbers on them. You have to swipe these tiles together to try to add them up to a total of 2048.

When you slide the tiles together their numbers add up automatically, taking you closer to the magic total. The goal is to get as close as possible before running out of tiles and spaces, which is when the game comes to an end.

4. Sand Draw Sketch

Sand Draw: Sketch & Draw Art - Apps on Google Play

This is a great time-passing app that actually provides you with a creative outlet. It is designed to be a virtual recreation of the experience of drawing in sand and will have you feeling like you are on a beach somewhere.

It captures the look and texture of sand really well and equips you with all of the tools needed to start creating your masterpieces. Of course the existence of these is strictly temporary, but that is true in the real world too once the tide comes in.

5. GasBuddy

GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas - Apps on Google Play

There are plenty of enjoyable apps that will make the short lull periods during your trip more fun, but it is worth storing some practically useful ones on your phone too. One really excellent one to download is GasBuddy.

One of the few downsides to a road trip is that you do have to spend a lot of money on gas for your vehicle. GasBuddy is designed to reduce the amount you have to pay.

It lets you identify the gas station with the lowest prices near to your location, as well as parking spots that are close by. If you are on a budget, it can be a really great app.

Adding these apps ahead of your next road trip will help you to stay on track.

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