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4 Ways To Make The Best Baths Ever

“Baths are incredible. Not only do they take away our stress and let us totally relax, but they really do work overtime at helping the body out, lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. They’re so fantastic, every time you take one you may wonder why you waited so long! You can make your bath experience perfect by pre-selecting amazing music, getting a neck pillow or towel to put behind your head, and getting candles out. When it comes to the bath itself, check out these great tips to help you create the perfect bath time experience.

Use Specially Scented Bath Bombs In Your Tub

Bath bombs are these round fizzing things that you can buy at specialty stores or online. They get dropped into the bath and then proceed to fizz, filling up the tub with its fragrance and often turning the water different colors. They provide a great scent and do different things for your skin depending on the ingredients. You can check out a wide variety of these bath accessories online. They really jazz up the experience and there’s nothing like a bath bomb to make your tub time feel fancy. Go for it you’re worth it.

Add Epsom Salts & Baking Soda To Your Bath

Epsom salts cannot be promoted enough for their great health benefits. The magnesium in Epsom salts absorbs through the skin through the warm water and makes up for a deficiency that many people have in the mineral. It also soothes tired and hurting muscles. The baking soda provides a detoxifying effect, pulling toxins and heavy metals out of the body. Add one cup of baking soda and one cup of Epsom salts to your bath to not only provide amazing health benefits but detox and gift yourself with a relaxing, refreshing experience and skin that is completely rejuvenated and sparkling clean.

Add Some Essential Oils To The Tub

Essential oils can help the body and mind, each in their own ways. Adding the oils to the tub is great, or if you like, you can just put them onto a diffuser to reap many of the same benefits. Use lavender to relax and soothe, peppermint to open up the sinuses and clear the head, vanilla to be comforted, jasmine and ylang ylang to be stimulated, cedarwood or sandalwood to soothe and ground, and rose to calm, uplift, and reduce anxiety.

Make Sure The Temperature Is Just Right

Too hot, and you may find yourself uncomfortable, even scalded as you try to dip your feet in. You want to make sure that your bath is in the right area, just hot enough, warm but not to the point of boiling. It’s supposed to be a relaxing experience, not a health risk! So be careful to monitor the temperature as it’s filling up. Especially towards the end, when the tub is getting full, you can play around with the hot and cold knobs to get the temperature just right for a perfect bathing experience.

There you have it! Try these amazing tips out to build the perfect bath experience. It’s an art form that takes some crafting. Just remember, every bath is an opportunity to make the best bath ever. So take full advantage and follow these tips to have the absolute best bath ever.”

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