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4 Things Every Chef Needs for Work

Working as a chef can be an ideal career for someone who loves to cook, especially for others. However, it can also be an incredibly stressful job when you are trying to cater to hundreds of people every day, particularly in a hot and steamy kitchen! 

Although this job can be challenging, for the right person, a career as a chef can be a perfect choice. If you think you have what it takes to handle the pressure and whip up some amazing culinary delights in a professional capacity, make sure you have the following essentials to help you do your job.

  1. Sensible Shoes

One thing you should make sure you invest in when you’re working as a chef is appropriate shoes. Accidents can happen in the kitchen, whether that is spilling hot liquid or dropping knives! Therefore, having quality shoes that have excellent grip is a must. A lot of chefs prefer to wear slip-on shoes rather than ones with laces, as this can reduce accidental tripping if they become untied. 

Ideally, you want your shoes to be made of sturdy materials that will keep your feet protected, so do keep this in mind. Comfort is also vital, as you will be spending the majority of your day on your feet.

  1. Quality Knives

There is nothing worse than working with dull knives in a kitchen, and no professional chef would be caught dead using them, either! Always invest in quality knives to keep at work if you want to finely chop, dice, and slice your ingredients to perfection. 

You might also want to purchase a sharpener to keep at work, too, so you can make sure your knives stay in great condition. If you truly want to treat yourself, why not get a set to use at home as well?

  1. Chef’s Coat

Aprons will help to keep your clothes clean when you’re cooking in the kitchen, but if you want to look like a professional chef, then getting yourself a chef’s coat is the better way to go. 

Getting some chef’s trousers to match is also a smart move, and often they are designed to help keep you cooler as well as look smart in a professional kitchen. See some options for chef’s uniforms at

  1. First-aid Kit

Your place of work must be kitted out with a first-aid kit for the staff, but as a chef, it couldn’t hurt to have an extra one in your bag, just in case. 

Minor injuries are to be expected in this line of work, but you must have bandages, plasters, burn gels, and eye wash to protect your health and your customers, too. Having a small first-aid kit in your bag as a spare could be very useful as a chef, so this is worth considering.

If you would love to work as a professional chef, between applying for culinary courses and job vacancies, make sure you invest in all of the above to have the right kit to work in a fast-paced kitchen.

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