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4 Steps To Choose A Right Sunscreen For Yourself

Are you searching on web about sunscreen, which one is best for you? well we have cover this in this blog post. By the way it might shock you, but did you know that sunscreen expires? Yep, the lifespan is roughly 12 months so if you’ve got a crusty, sand smeared bottle hiding at the back of your cabinet we hope this PSA means you’ll be promptly putting it where it belongs. Summer is coming, it’s time to choose a new sunscreen and we’re going to walk you through exactly how to do for this summer.

Step 1: Work out your skin type 

When you’re looking for the best sunscreen in the UK, the first thing to think about is your skin type. If you’ve got a sensitive skin type that tends to get a little fussy or is prone to redness you’re going to gravitate towards mineral formulas. If you’ve got acne, then you’ll want something extra lightweight. If you tend towards dryness, you’ll want to find a super hydrating sunscreen formula.

Step 2: Choose your preferred formula 

When it comes to sunblock, the two main formulas to choose from are mineral sunscreens (sometimes referred to as physical sunscreen) and chemical suncream. Sensitive skin might prefer mineral based formulas as well as those with acne or reactive skin. 

Mineral formulas work by reflecting away about 5% of the sun’s UV rays and converting the other 95% into heat (just like chemical formulas do).

Try not to get too hung up on formula type as both offer good protection. Instead, choose a sunscreen that provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays and always opt for the highest level of SPF available (minimum SPF30!)

Step 3: Choose your preferred finish

For facial sunscreen, thinking about your preferred finish is really important. You want to pick something that’s going to work in harmony with your existing skincare (serum and moisturiser) and sit well under your makeup if you wear any. 

If you’ve got oily skin or are prone to breakouts, choose something with a matte finish. Dry skin types will want to opt for a serum finish as it feels more hydrating. Those with sensitive skin instead might prefer a gel sunscreen.

We’re sure you’ve got a horror story about wearing sunscreen under your makeup – anything from white cast, to pillage, to looking like an oil slick by the end of the day. The best one we’ve found is Ultra Violette’s fabulous range of sunblock formulated specifically to fit in with your other beauty products and keep you protected at the same time. 

Step 4: Buy sunscreen and use it all day, every day

Once you’ve worked out your hit list for the ideal facial sunscreen, it’s time to purchase. But it doesn’t end there. Don’t let your new bottle wind up forgotten about in the back of your bathroom cabinet again. It’s good practice to get in the habit of applying sunscreen every morning after your moisturiser and before your makeup. At a minimum, pop it on whenever the UV index is 3 or higher (you can check this on your weather app) and remember to reapply every two hours.

Of course, sunscreen is just one part of sun protection so whilst its important, it’s not the only measure you should take to protect yourself. Make sure to wear a broad brimmed hat, sunglasses, and seek shade wherever possible. Limit outdoor activity during the hottest hours of the day and make sure to keep hydrated.

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