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4 Reasons You Should Plant a Tree in Memory of Someone

After suffering the loss of a loved one, it can be grueling to navigate the world. Bereaved people that plant a tree in their loved one’s memory have often described it as a healing experience.

Memorial trees are a tangible, physical representation of someone’s time on earth. They allow the person to continue positively impacting the planet, even after leaving it. With the uncountable environmental benefits of planting the tree, your memorial tree is also a gesture that serves as a gift to future generations.

If you have been set adrift into a world of confusion and anguish, one comforting and healthy way to process and alleviate the pain is to get back with the calmness of nature and plant a tree in memory of someone. Here are four reasons you should plant a tree in memory of someone.

Living An Everlasting Tribute

While a tree does not last forever, it could even outlive you if it is not cut down. Therefore, when you plant a tree in memory of someone, you make a living an everlasting tribute. When a person passes away, their memory continues to live through the influence and impacts they had on the lives of those close to them and their community

A life shared and one that touched many is ideally an irreplaceable part of every family, community, fellowship, and organization. A memorial tree planting commemorates and honors the precious life lost. The tree reminds us that this legacy will continue even after their physical body leaves us.

Eases The Pain During Grief

Planting a tree will help you navigate the grieving and healing process. Grieving is a natural healing stage after losing someone close to you. While urns, letters, and pictures are also sentimental, they don’t offer something tangible that you can watch grow over time.

When you plant a tree in memory of someone, it is not only a remembrance tree. It grows, shelters animals, and gives oxygen to creatures of the world. It’s a tree that brings natural peace and even closure in dark times.

Honors Your Loved One By Making A Difference

With so many ways to remember a loved one, choosing to plant a tree to remember someone is an honorable gesture. While a tree is a compelling memorial, it’s a particularly fitting remembrance when your loved one was enthusiastic about traveling, sustainability, gardening, nature, or the outdoors.

Some of the benefits of trees to the environment are: 

  • Giving off oxygen
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Offer food habitat and protection for many animals
  • Cool the environment
  • Clean the air

Planting trees in place of flowers is the ultimate green gift. A culture of planting trees as memorial gifts is a step in fighting global warming; therefore, a great honor for your loved one.

It gives You Something To Come Back To

When you plant a tree in memory of someone, you have a place to reflect on their memories. You can sit by or under the tree and reflect on times spent with your loved one. Sometimes you can stay there to clear your mind in the company of their memory.

Many people set up a permanent bench or a seating area adjacent to the tree. You can sit there for an occasional afternoon drink or coffee next to the tree.

Plant A Tree In Memory of Someone

How would you feel if someone planted a tree in your memory? Imagine love and remembrance so beautiful that you are honored with a living and everlasting tribute. Losing a loved one is a painful yet natural reality about the circle of life. Connect with nature in your grief by planting a tree to remember your loved one forever.

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