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4 Best Foods to have Between Sex Rounds

Sex and food have a lot in common. They are both sensual, nourishing and have potential for a great variety. One of the simplest ways to rev up sex life is through inclusion of foods. In fact, food plays during and between sex-rounds is well suited for long term sexual relationships for good health.

Like sex, food is also associated with both mental and biological urges. Eating does not only keep us alive, it also feels good. There is an aggression to eating, sexiness to licking fingers and using your hands. The following is a complied list of four best foods to have between sex rounds round that can really rev up your sexual life.


Chocolate has always be the favorite sex food for ages and serves well in all occasions, before, during and after sex. Whether your choose the almond covered chocolate or just go for plain milk chocolate, placing a piece of it in your mouth as you rest for the second or third round bring deep spirits of pleasure that your don’t want to miss during sex. Having chocolate during sex will make your night more interesting.


All the rumors you have ever had about oyster are all true. Oysters bring intensifying sexual desire to the lovers as they rest, making them to crave more sex. They have acquired taste for sure, but they give zinc boost that ultimately leads to longer and stronger sex. You only have to make sure she is fond of them first before you introduce them in you sex life.


These can either be strawberries, cherries or red grapes. Fruits are great additions to any sex fun. They have a way of bringing out the true feeling about how the sex feels great and are perfect when you are relaxing before back to your sex exploration. Make sure that fruit are well washed before you incorporate them in your sexual experience.

Whipped Ice Cream

Ice cream can never be forgotten. It is a cliche of entire sexual foods. While you are resting, whip some ice cream into your girl mouth and watch her lick it all up or place it on her nipples and lick it off slowly. This will leave you wanting more sex.

There you go. These foods are worth trying during sex if you want to end your boring sexual life and build great long term sexual relationship. Have fun, be safe and enjoy your sex exploration.”

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