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13 Replacement for your traditional flower bouquets

Do you know why people started carrying flower bouquets hundreds of years ago? The reason is they want to mask their body odor which wasn’t so good because of infrequent bathing. But thankfully, it’s not the same anymore. Now, we use it for gifting people as a token of love on several occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

And with the varied uses of flower bouquets, we have also found several replacements.

1. Bouquet made of burlap

Bouquet made of Burlap

This type of bouquet is famous for its simplicity. You can create flowers from burlap and add them together. To make it more interesting, use twine and rope on the sides.

2. Silk Bouquet

Bouquet made of Silk

The silk bouquet looks extremely similar to the traditional floral bouquets. The only exception is that they are more charming and long-lasting than the latter.

3. Bouquet made of balloons

bouquet made of Balloons

Balloons are a reminder of beautiful childhood memories. You can include them in the bouquet to cherish the memory forever. Also, they are not as expensive as flower bouquets.

4. Bouquet of fruits

Bouquet of Fruits

The colorful look and freshness of fruits make it a great alternative to traditional flower bouquets. In addition, you can add contrasting-colored fruits like lemon and orange to make the bouquet more attractive.

5. Felt bouquet

Bouquet of Felt

This material is trending in 2022 because it is gorgeous and easy to work with. First, you must cut flower shapes out of this material and add them to create a perfectly felt floral bouquet. Then, you can use them to enhance the beauty of your home decor.

6. Custom gold rose bouquet

Custom gold rose bouquet

Try a gold rose bouquet instead of the traditional one to add a glamorous twist to your bouquet. If you feel using custom gold roses for your bouquet is too much, you can combine them with other shades for a glossy appearance.

7. Fabric bouquet

Fabric bouquet

You will find different kinds of floral fabric bouquets in the market. But the best one is the tulip fabric bouquet because they are puffy and squishy. You can even put these flowers in a glass vase to use them as an item of decoration.

8. Bouquet made of leather

Bouquet made of Leather

In this type of bouquet, all flowers and leaves are made of leather. For a unique appearance, you can include lace or soft fabrics on the borders. But if you are someone who doesn’t like animal cruelty, look for other alternatives in this list.  

9. Feather bouquet

Bouquet made of Feather

A feather bouquet is a great alternative to traditional flower bouquets. They look stunning from the exterior and last longer than a flower bouquet. Try using fluffy feathers like an ostrich for a dazzling new look. If you want to stick with classic, there is nothing better than a peacock feather.

10. Chocolate bouquet

Bouquet made of Chocolate

This is one of the most delightful bouquets on the list. Here the store arranges the chocolates in a way that looks like a normal bouquet, but the only difference is that they are edible. So you can use them for any occasion like corporate events, return birthday gifts, weddings, etc.

11. Bouquets made of forever roses

Bouquets made of Forever Roses

Roses are widely popular for evoking romantic and happy feelings. But sadly, the freshness of this flower hardly lasts for one day. Then it starts to die.

This is not the same as a forever roses box. Instead, these roses have been preserved to keep their freshness and look. Also, you don’t need to water them frequently. Thus, it makes for a great alternative to traditional bouquets.

12. Bouquet made of seashell

Bouquet made of Seashell

You are probably thinking about how a seashell can be a great element for a bouquet. Chances are you haven’t looked at the end result.

So, buy a few seashells and put them all in an appealing arrangement. You can also add flowers or beads in between to give it a luxe edge. If you want different colored shells, then use spray paint on the seashells.

13. Wire bouquet

Bouquet made of Wire

This is one of the coolest bouquets ever and also extremely unique. Try to make this with the help of a DIY YouTube video and use it as an item of decoration at home.  

Over to you…

Now that you have as many as 13 replacements on the list, you can pick your preferred one. All these are readily available in online and offline stores and also easily DIY-able! 

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