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100 Funny Jokes to Tell Your Crush

Do you have a crush and are trying to find the best way to get noticed? 

The best way to your loved one’s heart is through humor. It makes it easier for you to capture their interest and work your magic. Your quest for amusing jokes to tell your crush is over right here.

Your crush will fall in love with you because of your cuteness if you have a sense of humor and are spontaneous. Several jokes on this thorough list are guaranteed to make your loved ones grin immediately. They’ll be impressed by your ability to make the atmosphere vibrant and exciting. Well in this article we have summed some of the best and top jokes that your girlfriend or boyfriend will surely love and laugh at(yeah don’t worry about being cute) Let’s dive into funny jokes.

List Of 100 Funny Jokes to Tell Your Crush

  1. You seem to be becoming shorter. I feel as though you are getting closer to my heart.
  2. Are you from another planet? Because you are exceptional!
  3. Do you have a booger? Because it’s challenging to get you.
  4. What do you call a coughing pony? A tiny bit hoarse.
  5. Can I borrow a kiss from you, please? You should not fear; I will return it to you with interest.
  6. Did you know that Disneyland is not the happiest place on earth? I can find it wherever you are!
  7. Do you have my dentures? Because without you, I’m unable to smile.
  8. Do you know why I want to rearrange the alphabet? Everything is done to keep U and me together forever.
  9. Are your parents’ terrorists? You are the bomb, Dude!
  10. While devouring a clownfish, one shark said something to the other. This tastes a little funny, hmm.
  11. You’re the square root of two. I always feel more irrational with you.
  12. Are you the sun? Because you are the center of my entire universe.
  13. Why do melons marry? They are cantaloupe, thus.
  14. I’ve always believed that happiness began with the letter H. I’ve only recently discovered that it has always started with U.(One of the best and funny jokes for your crush)
  15. Have you been consuming sugar? Because of how charming your smile is.
  16. There must be a problem with my watch. When I’m with you, time always seems to stand still.
  17. What did the aloe vera plant say to the other plant? Aloe, you very much! 
  18. What is a dog magician referred to as? A Labracadabrador!
  19. Your name lacks something. My last name!
  20. Surely you’re not a chicken. Because you appear flawless to me.
  21. This is precisely how I pictured our talk going. You’re just sitting there looking cute while I do all the talking.
  22. To its soulmate, what words did the ghost say? To me, you are boo-tiful.
  23. Do you know the reason seagulls fly above the water? Well, they can’t fly over the bay! They would then be bagels.(a joke to tell your crush over text)
  24. Are you a mouse? I keep chasing you because I’m the cat.(Cute)
  25. To the banana, what did the monkey say? I find you a-peeling.
  26. Do you enjoy Star Wars at all? Yoda only gave me one, after all!
  27. Are you darkness? When you’re around, I seem to see nothing but you.
  28. Are you oxygen? Because without you, I would be dead.
  29. The WiFi router received a message from the smartphone. I sense a connection between us.
  30. Am I a lousy shooter? Because I’m constantly missing you.(among the corny jokes for crush)
  31. What conversation did the owl have with its partner? Owl will love you for the rest of my days.
  32. What did the rice say to the chicken teriyaki? I don’t know, but would you be willing to grab some this weekend and look into it?
  33. Do you, by any chance, work for the zoo? Because you’re a keeper, in my opinion.
  34. What transpires when two boats fall in love? Row-mance.
  35. The common potato is known by what name? A commentator.
  36. Are you a camera? I grin whenever I look at you.
  37. Could you please refrain from growing much hotter? The poor thermometer is dying because of you!. (a joke to make your crush laugh seriously)
  38. What makes skunks so seductive? Because they are olfactory creatures.
  39. Are there any raisins here? What about going on a date?
  40. Are you a keyboard? Because you fit my type!
  41. Hello. Cupid called. He wishes to convey to you his need for my heart to return.
  42. Come over. No one is home, my crush told me. When I arrived, nobody was at home.(Bit funny and dirty joke)
  43. My smartphone seems a little dumb. It doesn’t even know your phone number, I mean!
  44. You are pizza, right? I have a CRUST on you, that’s why.
  45. It must be a broom, then. Because you just wholly swept me off my feet.
  46. What do you name the Scottish boy who rejected his crush in favor of another boy? second to Las
  47. Google is a thing of the past. My search was completed once I came across you.
  48. Are you an angel? You’re Acute, that’s why.
  49. My brother was crushed on his left side today when a tree crashed. He’s all right.
  50. Are you Christmas? Because I want to Merry you. (It’s funny and flirting joke to tell your girlfriend)
  51. The only thing that could destroy your ideal relationship with your crush is, what? The alarm clock.
  52. Are you a dictionary? Since you give my life new meaning.
  53. Do you have a hole in your heart? I’ve been captured alive, and I can’t get out.
  54. Are you from France? Because of EIFFEL for you.
  55. I’ve forgotten your name. Do you mind if I call you to mine?
  56. I’m not sure how the universe will come to an end. I don’t know how the universe will end without me and you. (A cute funny joke) 
  57. But I do know that it begins with U N I.
  58. Do you like science by any chance? Because I believe I LAB you.
  59. I mistook the time for the morning. It turns out that all you did was illuminate my world.
  60. Do you enjoy drinking tea? You’re pre-TEA adorable, that’s why! (Cute & funny joke) 
  61. Have you got a pencil? Because I want to write our future while erasing your past.
  62. According to my crush, she only likes terrible boys. Fortunately for me, I’m awful at everything.
  63. Do you mind if I ask if you are a witch? That’s because I was captivated by your gorgeous smile.
  64. My eyes must be acting up in some way. I am unable to remove them from you.
  65. When should herbs be crushed? When you have some thyme to kill! (Tell this joke to your boyfreind)
  66. Can I have your pen, please? Our future is all I want to write about.
  67. I’m a zombie, hello. Will you be my GHOUL friend?
  68. Will you be my nothing? If nothing lives forever? 
  69. Can I follow you, please? My entire life, people have urged me to follow my dreams.
  70. There are many fruits in the world. And you are my in the world. (For boyfriend)  
  71. Please excuse me, but you appear to be a parent. The parent of my upcoming children.
  72. Want to fit together like two peas in a pod? PEAS are more than mine.
  73. I’m FELINE a connection between us, so we must be cats. (Boyfriend joke)
  74. Geometry has to be your favorite subject. You’re so adorable no matter what angle you’re posed in.
  75. Please take hold of my arm so I may tell my friends an angel touched me.
  76. Hey. I’m a jobless man with degrees in loving, caring, and hugging. Have you had a job for me?
  77. If I were a virus, I would spread my love to you.
  78. You must be a red blood cell because you directly transport the oxygen from my lungs to my heart.
  79. You are like dandruff because no matter how hard I try, I cannot get you out of my head. (Dirty)
  80. Are you Netflix? Because I could spend all day watching you.
  81. Join me in committing the perfect crime. You can steal my heart, and I’ll steal yours.
  82. Do you have a bandage? I scraped my knee falling for you; that’s why
  83. What’s on the menu now? Me-n-u
  84. Please include me on your to-do list, even though I realize you’re busy today.
  85. I’m in a long-distance relationship. My girlfriend is in the future.
  86. How did the phone ask his girlfriend to marry him? Giving her a ring
  87. Are you spiritual? Because you’re the fulfillment of all my prayers.
  88. Relationships resemble algebra in many ways. Have you ever wondered about Y when you gazed at your X?
  89. Hey, I’m cute, and you’re pretty. Together, we’d make a pretty cute.
  90. Did the sunshine, or did you smile at me? (Cute jokes to tell a girl)
  91. If I’m wrong, kiss me, Dinosaurs are still alive. Right? (Dirty and flirting)
  92. Are you a magician? Considering that every time I gaze upon you, everyone else vanishes! (Funny jokes to tell your girlfriend)
  93. Do you know me? Because you resemble my future girlfriend quite a bit.
  94. Are you Greek? I think you’re a goddess, after all.
  95. You’ll be McDonald’s, and I’ll be Burger King. You’ll love it if I do things my way.
  96. Please excuse me, miss. Could I please have the time? I would check my watch, but I can’t take my eyes off of you. (Make your crush laugh)
  97. I will need your name and phone number for insurance because your beauty blinded me.
  98. You’re more adorable than a puppy from an animal shelter. I want to bring you home! (Very cute)
  99. Well, I’m here! What are your remaining two desires?

At The End

There is no denying that humor is a fantastic icebreaker and brings people together. Look at how funny, stupid, and sweet these jokes are. How can anyone not find them entertaining? And if you succeed in making your crush laugh, will they be able to avoid liking you? The answer is absolute “no.” Use these jokes to express to your crush how much joy it is to be around you. However, be careful not to insult anyone while you’re doing it.

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