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10 ways to get fit based on scientific studies

When it comes to exercise, we think about getting started in the first place – as being the most difficult thing to achieve. However, it doesn’t hold as big of an importance as we give it. 

“The root of the problem is the inability to maintain that over long term” said Falco Suniehotta, professor of behavioral medicine at Newcastle University.

Distractions are often the most common contributor to a missed workout. Daily workout is so effective that it can even relieve you from porn addiction.

If you take a look at the Official UK guidelines for an adult – it states that adultes should do 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or at least 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week.

According to the 2016 England Health Survey, 34% of men and 42% of women are not meeting their cardio goals and as many as (69% and 77%, respectively) are not getting enough strength training into their life.

Now, we all know there’s more to be done, but how do you keep going when motivation dwindles, the weather turns bad, and life gets in the way? Well, we present to you the best tips to get fit that will actually help you maintain your routine.

Find out your why

Michelle Seeger, director of the Center for Sports Research and Policy at the University of Michigan, says the reason you start exercising is fundamental to your ability to continue. Too often, intrinsic thought related to shame discourage our initiative to exercise and be fit altogether.

However, if shame or embarrassment is what’s stopping you from going to the gym – you can be rest assured that the gym is not the only place where people go to get fit. 

Anyone can train at home. Life has changed completely during the pandemic, and many people have started exercising online. For example, Lucy William Read’s 7 minute workouts have been extremely popular and effective. 

You don’t need to enjoy it 

All over the internet and in popular media – it is always showcased that if you are not loving the way you are working out, you are doing something wrong.

However, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, following up with a routine comes before the actual feeling of liking it. If you are disciplined and make sure that you mark each day you hit the workout on your calender, slowly the progress will make you want to continue with greater resolve.

The only thing to be mindful of – is to actually follow through with your plan.

Training planning and prioritization

Let’s be honest: You know in your heart and thinking rationally that health and exercise should be your number one priority. 

No matter what, make it possible. We are often to young to see but with regular exercise, we are cultivating a future where we will be able to keep up with our grandchildren and feel younger as we get older.

Now, for making workout your priority, you need to first get into the habit of working out regularly. Set an alarm – put it far away, and sleep on time, while taking proper nutrition during the day.

Push yourself a little bit harder

We all aspire to workout our level best when we are at the gym or doing an at home workout. But, time seems to tick a bit too slow when you are fixated on how much of it has passed since you begun.

A thing to keep in mind is that the hours hand on a clock never seems to move while you are constantly looking at it. 

By the same analogy – keep the thought of tracking your time out of your mind, and cover that digital display on the treadmill with a cloth.

At Home Workouts

Try squats, push-ups, lunges, tricep dips, and glutes. “It gets your heart rate up, works your muscles, and gives you an overall workout.” These take less than 15 to 20 minutes and only require a chair for tricep dips, but dumbbells can help too.

Follow a routine that is bite sized

While it is true that one of the most effective workouts are ones that make you sweat the most and make you lift till failure, it is equally important to note that at the end of the day – the most effective workout is one that sticks.

Consistency is developed when your workout is manageable and doesn’t make you rethink your decision to get up and hit the gym for the day.

Make it a party

Not a literal party. But when you have friends that are dependable and hold you accountable, it becomes much more difficult to flake on your plans the last moment. And – the next thing you know, you are at the gym with your buddies – working towards a fitter future.

What gets tracked gets done

Make a chart and stick it on your bedroom wall or on your fridge. Take a note of your measurements and update them weekly or monthly. 

Seeing yourself progress visually can have more impact than you can possibly believe. The key is to stay consistent and feel yourself getting stronger by the day.

Keep the workout snappy

When the sheer idea of lifting weights that will kill you is not enough, comes the load of the long workout. However, research suggests that a workout doesn’t need to be long in order to be effective.

Just remind yourself that it is only a 15-30 minute workout and it won’t take that long. The idea is not the the workout is short so you’ll get less fatigued, but the fact that your mind will prepare you to a short workout and you will save yourself tons of mental agony.

Willpower is a muscle, train it like one

Yes, and therefore you shouldn’t expect your willpower to be able to guide you to the gym every single day. Make a routine, stick to it. 

Willpower gets your foot in the door. Discipline gets the deed done.


While doing high-intensity exercises in short bursts is great, it’s not for everyone. Similarly, not everyone has time for long walks. Consider how much time you have, how hard you want to work, and what types of exercise you enjoy. As long as you keep these three things in mind, you’ll be fine no matter what you do. A 20-minute high-intensity interval session is as effective as 30-50 minutes of walking.

So – just focus on getting the workout done and moving on with your day.

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