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10 Exciting Festivals and Events in Louisiana

When you think of the state of Louisiana, festivals may or may not come to mind. Louisiana is most undoubtedly well-known for its famous Cajun and Creole cuisine. Beyond that, residents and tourists enjoy Mardi Gras celebrations, diverse cultural heritage, bayous, jazz music, and more. 

If you’re eager to attend exciting festivals and events, here are the 10 exciting festivals:

1. Mardi Gras: The Crown Jewel of Celebrations

Discussion of Louisiana’s festivals can begin with mentioning their granddaddy, Mardi Gras. While celebrated throughout the state, New Orleans stands at its epicenter. It offers a week of unparalleled revelry, parades, live music, and dazzling costumes. 

These celebrations take place just before Lent in early February. For an unforgettable experience, secure a balcony spot on Bourbon Street. You can enjoy a front-row seat and catch the bead-tossing frenzy.

2. Jazz Fest: A Musical Pilgrimage

Rivaling Mardi Gras for top honors is the annual Jazz Fest. You can attend this celebration during the two weeks at the end of April and early May in New Orleans. 

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is a musical marvel. It features a mind-blowing lineup of artists spanning genres. For example, you can enjoy jazz, blues, Cajun, zydeco, and rock. It’s a must-visit for audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.

3. Festival International de Louisiane: A Cultural Extravaganza

Every April, downtown Lafayette transforms into a multicultural haven during the Festival International de Louisiane. This five-day celebration embraces Creole and Cajun culture with traditional zydeco and Cajun music, arts, crafts, and workshops. The streets come alive with street performers, buskers, and the unique heritage of southern Louisiana.

4. Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival: Music and Barbecue Bliss

Lafayette Square in New Orleans becomes a barbecue lover’s paradise in October. Tourists and residents flock to the Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival. Live blues music and perfectly smoked barbecue create an ideal setting for revelry. Best of all, this event is entirely free. So, it’s a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

5. Krewe of Halloween Parade: Mardi Gras in October

For those who can’t wait for Mardi Gras, New Orleans satisfies their cravings in other ways. Many are eager to enjoy the Krewe of Halloween Parade every October. This Halloween extravaganza features hundreds of people donning outrageous costumes. They parade from Elysian Fields to Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World. The parade is an incredible spectacle that rivals the city’s most famous festival.

6. State Fair of Louisiana: Fun for the Whole Family

The State Fair of Louisiana, held every October or November in Shreveport, is a family-friendly event. It combines classic carnival rides with games, food, and livestock competitions. Live music sets the backdrop for this fun-filled fair. So, it’s a memorable outing for all ages.

7. International Rice Festival: A Rice-Loving Celebration

Crowley, known for its rice production, has hosted the International Rice Festival since 1937. This festival honors the region’s rich rice heritage. There are many activities if you like rice and want to learn more about it. There’s a rice-eating contest, carnival, queen’s pageant, parade, and live music. It’s an incredible tribute to rice and southwest Louisiana’s vibrant culture.

8. Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Festival: Music Heritage Celebration

Created in 2011, the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival pays homage to the music heritage of Bogalusa. The festival is in September and is perfect if you love big celebrations. It features a packed music lineup, food vendors, and crafts booths. Your experiences will offer you a glimpse into the area’s rich musical history.

9. French Food Festival: A Cajun Culinary Delight

The French Food Festival in Larose celebrates Cajun life. It features dancing, boat building, and, most importantly, Cajun cuisine. The French Food Festival is the time to sample traditional Bayou Lafourche dishes. This, of course, includes trying shrimp boulettes and crawfish fettuccine. Taste the delicious food while enjoying the festive atmosphere during this memorable festival.

10. Natchitoches Christmas Festival: A Holiday Wonderland

Look forward to the holiday season by attending the Natchitoches Christmas Festival. Thanksgiving through New Year’s turns into a holiday wonderland with over 300,000 Christmas lights. Take a romantic carriage ride and enjoy fireworks over Cane River Lake. It’s an unforgettable festival to immerse yourself in the joyous spirit of the season.


In a state that knows how to have a good time, these festivals and events are just a taste of what Louisiana offers. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or a foodie, these celebrations capture the essence of Louisiana’s rich culture and lively spirit. While celebrating, many people consider using marijuana to enhance their experiences. You can learn more about getting a medical marijuana card here.  

So join the festivities and savor the flavors by attending these festivals. Immerse yourself in the unique experiences that make Louisiana truly one of a kind.

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