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10 Best Places For Canyoning In Georgia

If you had decided to go for a vocational trip then not involving in outdoor scrambling, climbing, skiing and traversing over canyons would be absolutely a wrong idea, as you haven’t taken least of the Georgia. As the matter is that canyoning in Georgia is must have performing leisure activity for every globetrotters here.

Or to the other way around if you have found yourself enthusiastic enough in experiencing canyoneering, and above all you have plans of travel then Georgia will be an ideal traveling destination. As to experience the best of the abseiling and rappelling.

On account of the corresponding facts, Georgia has absolutely praise worthy and heavenly canyons. Where you can make your canyoning experience way more adventurous by involving a number of outdoor techniques. For the very reasons here, we have discussed ten of the best canyons from Georgia which you can visit in order to make your canyoneering experience unforgettable and yet memorable.

Kirzala, Mukhuri Village

The river Kirzala canyon is another effervescent and prevailing area, the best place in Georgia to perform canyoning.This corresponding canyon of ebullience and ambivalence is just fifteen kilometers away from village Mukhuri. The village itself is around Black Sea and on the right bank of the Enguri through the Lugela valley. By visiting Kirjala you not only got to do activities of mountaineering and canyoning. But you can also perform other sports and outdoor activities near the village, Mukhuri. 

A medium difficulty challenge

The canyon, Kirzala, gives you a medium difficulty challenge where the performers or canyoners have to jump into a fast-flowing mountain stream with two cascades. You should also know before visiting Kirzala that the village’s elevation itself is of around 16 ft. 


While canyoning at Kirzala you have to carry yourself downstream at high speed. Therefore make sure to pack all the static ropes, helmets, wetsuits, means your hardware, fully prepared before you go for canyoning at Kerala. 

Nevertheless the localities of Kirzala and Mukhuri also sell high end shoes, ropes and related hardware for your convenience.

Okatse, Imereti, Khoni Municipality

Okatse, Imereti, Khoni Municipality


If you find yourself covering Okatse in run rate of height you would find yourself covering it for in almost no time in consideration in a straight long path.

River Okatse

Veritably, the river Okatse roughly stretches for around three kilometers. And if you consider its depth, it makes up nearly around fifty of the meters. Here the things might sound like a kids game. But the real adventure begins when you get yourself to the chief land spot, the canyon. By reaching here from river Okatse you have to cover fifty kilometers.

Fraught with danger

When I say the canyon is hard to cover, and believe me it only means that it is chancy and fraught with danger. Here you will experience danger along with adventure synonymously.

Ateni Gorge, Trialeti Range, Shida Kartli

Ateni gorge, Trialeti Range, Shida Kartli

Points of interest

Ateni gorge is one of the most familiar canyons which the entirety has to be well aware of. Mainly because of its wonderful and beautiful features. Most surely all the canyoneering lovers from Georgia have for certitudehas definitely visited Ateni gorge. Certifiably Ateni gorge is the best scenic spot to ever experience the charm and wonders of canyoning in Georgia.

By canyoneering here the sightseers can enjoy a scenic view in amalgamation of fraught experience. The fact that water pressure here gets extremely abysmal into a river bed of Ateni gorge stream.


The utter experience of adventure while canyoneering at Ateni gorge is when you face the thin channels of the river. Whilst the river carries the little big stones, sand granules as sediment downwards the pressure. The special feature of Ateni gorge which makes it unique from the rest of the world’s canyons is that primarily it does not follow winding curves and change its manner.

Cloudland Canyon, Northwest Georgia

Cloudland Canyon Georgia


Cloudland Canyon State Park, is situated northwest of Georgia. Cloudland Canyon has every other beautiful feature which you can expect from a natural traveling spot. Where Cloudland Canyon assembles all the best of nature’s attributes in one place: namely including pools, waterfalls, steep, short and deep streams and most importantly man made artificial areas for the rest and to enjoy the view.

Other noteworthy spots to visit at Cloudland Canyon

There are other noteworthy spots at Cloudland Canyon which you should visit if you’re on tour of the very place. The spots include Cherokee Falls, Sitton’s Cave, Lookout Mountain, Hemlock Falls, Gulch Trail. Moreover you can navigate other places on the internet as well as explore more adventures. But make sure that these places are safe to be visited.

Balda Canyon Natural Monument, Martvili Municipality “ბალდის კანიონის ბუნების ძეგლი”

Balda Canyon Natural Monument

Why to visit

The Natural Monument Balda Canyon and its creeks open into gorges from the mountain. For the very feature here at the Balda Canyon makes your outdoors activities fully adventures and worth your traveling expenses.

Things to do

For the ideas of activities, what you do at Balda Canyon can include walking, climbing trails and blocks, on rugged areas you can do traversing or more especially climbing effectively in an expedition style.

Things to plan before

The most applied mode of enjoying your trip is that you can set your camps as a means of picnic, enjoying landscape or for a rest from hectic outdoor activities. Generally people who are on a short trip of a half or a full do not necessarily camp.


Balda Canyon is an Abashistskali gorge. Balda Canyon is located near Martvili Municipality, around the Samegrelo region.

Tsalka Canyon, Kvemo Kartli, southeastern Georgia

Enjoy unique flora and fauna

Visitors to Tsalka Canyon for sure come for canyoneering and mainly for hiking. But you know what is the most special thing about Tsalka Canyon is that the people come here from the fond of exploring flora and fauna. The experience of enjoying wildlife before your eyes is such a bewitching and yet picturesque view to ever locate.


Even the organization system has specially built viewing stops such as towers where you can get the chance to clearly catch the glimpse of wildlife. The wildlife mainly includes: Turkeys, Deer, Lizards, Armadillos, Racoons, Snakes, Red Tail Hawks, Fox and many of the other fauna as well as flora.


Here at Tsalka Canyon you can get through the variety of caves that are safe to be visited under the supervision of your expert guide. Or for a better view you can just straightforwardly hike up to the canyon, just over the rim of it. That’s actually safe to stand as to enjoy all the hidden gems of Tsalka Canyon.

  • Khrami gorge near Dashbashi village, 3 km from small town of Tsalka

Providence Canyon, West of Americus and Cordele

The navigation

Just around southwest Georgia, in Stewart County there is Georgia state park. Providence Canyon is located in the Southwest of Georgia, Columbus. The very Georgia state park is also taken as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia. The park here is a guide for you to lead in Providence Canyon.

Providence Canyon is from the name “Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon”. And there is an interesting reason and fun fact about the name, “Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon”. The thing is that during the 1800s and 1900s the poor farmers built out a system of erosion gullies. And that gullies makes Providence Canyon way more abysmal and as well as unique.

If you will be visiting Providence Canyon, you can clearly locate the very old gullies that are as deep as making up the pit of hundred and fifty feet.

Gachedili Canyon Natural Monument, Samegrelo region

Canyon is that loving and highly appreciated leisure activity which people enjoy from all across the world. Even there are canyoning routes that are now built in the midst of the city, conversely they are artificial. But again people from every group and every age can fully enjoy canyoneering. In terms of risks and fraught Gachedili Canyon is an idealA destination.

But again there are certain measures and things to keep in mind. Though you will soon know.

The activity of canyoneering and skiing down the rim can be very easy and simultaneously it can be veryly difficult. And if you are a beginner and want to make your canyoning experience easy you should consider visiting Gachedili Canyon.


Though again you have to make sure to keep semi-static ropes, comfortable clothes with helmets, climbing hardware, steady shoes and such measures of relative field.

As a beginner, Gachedili Canyon would be an amazing place for you. Where you can simply perform mere activities of scrambling, rappelling, if you know swimming then the dives in ponds or water pools would be an enjoyable thing to do.


Believe it Gachedili Canyon is an easier canyoning spot and it does not require you to attain any certain kinds of skill levels. Though you can perform climbing, jumping and abseiling. All under an expert’s vision.

Dashbashi Canyon, Khrami gorge, Dashbashi village

Canyoning all becomes aesthetically cool and yet the experience fills with the fun when you plan your trip at Dashbashi Canyon. Yet you have to put some effort into getting yourself indulged in that aesthetic and picturesque experience while skiing up to the rim. As the trip instantly becomes all dreamy when you get yourself to the creek beds of the canyon.


Tourists love to visit Georgia, mainly due to its singularity and oneness. And more pointedly due to its specificity and originality of bewilderment. It is bestowed on Georgia in the form of Dashbashi Canyon.

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